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Women in Entrepreneurship Series: Sonia Deasy and Pestle & Mortar

To continue to celebrate the launch of Enterprise Ireland’s Level Project, a planning toolkit aimed at helping businesses develop gender-balanced leadership teams, this article will highlight another woman making a difference globally with her business. In this final article of our series highlighting women transforming the business community at a global scale, we are featuring Sonia Deasy.

Sonia Deasy is the Co-Founder & Co-CEO of Pestle & Mortar, a skincare company based in science and natural healing. Before launching Pestle & Mortar in 2014, Deasy worked alongside her husband Padraic, an international photographer. While working on shoots, they noticed that their subjects’ skin was often dry and patchy, inspiring Sonia to develop Pestle & Mortar.

The brand’s products are simple and effective. As a mother of 5, Deasy wanted to create a line of skincare that worked to remedy dull and dehydrated skin without being overly complicated. Pestle & Mortar enhances people’s natural beauty through their line of products that are free from any harmful toxins, ethically sourced, and cruelty-free.

The brand’s products reached international recognition when they first appeared on QVC in 2017 and quickly sold out. In 2019, it was named the overall winner of the National Enterprise Awards.

The less-is-more philosophy behind Pestle & Mortar originates from Deasy’s Indian Heritage in natural healing. Deasy used the knowledge her family has attained through the last six generations of work in natural healing to create effective products that she knows work. 

Pestle & Mortar’s Hydrate Lightweight Moisturizer and Pure Hyaluronic Serum are highly awarded, winning accolades from Cosmopolitan and Brown Thomas. Their products are now stocked in 30 countries across three continents. The range has been endorsed in some of the most prestigious international magazines, including Vogue, Vanity Fair, and The New York Times.

With the support of Enterprise Ireland, Sonia Deasy grew a company that is evolving the skincare industry. She recognized a persisting need for products that can improve the skin health of all people and used her unique experiences and cultural background to build a company with products that not only fit that need, but do so in a way that is ethical, clean, and effective. 

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