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WaterWipes, maker of world’s purest baby wipes, enters senior care market

Irish-led company WaterWipes, will, this summer, make available a new wipe product specifically developed for all adults and those with sensitive skin

When it comes to matters of the skin, we all want to use products that are kind, gentle, and healthy. Baby wipes from, Irish-led company, WaterWipes are the world’s purest wipes specifically designed to be as mild and as pure as using cotton, wool and water, and are safe for even the most delicate skin. This summer, WaterWipes will release a new range of wipes designed specifically for adults with aging and sensitive skin.

“As we age, our skin becomes much thinner and less pliable, mature and older skin can become dry and fragile,” said Jill Sommerville, Global Medical Manager, WaterWipes. “Because of this, healthcare professionals recommend that carers be aware of the ingredients present in any product when cleaning delicate skin. WaterWipes with minimal ingredients is an ideal cleansing choice.”

WaterWipes are developed through a unique and patented technology that alters the molecular structure of normal water, causing energy to be released within the pack, which results in sterilized wipe material. This process also slightly alters the surface tension of the water, allowing for a unique “soft feel” on the skin and making WaterWipes even more effective at cleaning than dry wipes or cloth and regular water. They eliminate the risk of cross-infection present in reusable towels and are soft, gentle and clean effectively.

WaterWipes are a fresh, natural product that contains just two ingredients—99.9% Water and a drop of fruit extract—so they are suitable for older, delicate skin.

“WaterWipes do not contain any unnecessary ingredients, they are fragrance-free, and do not leave any harmful residue or sticky feeling on the skin,” said Sommerville. “Suitable for sensitive skin, our larger adult wipes can be used anywhere on the body and are ideal for hygiene cleansing.”

Specifically designed with a textured finish to be gentle on all skin areas, WaterWipes Professional Care wipes are safe for cleaning the face and hands, intimate areas as well as incontinence related issues.

“WaterWipes is a great example of an Irish company on the leading edge of hygienic technology,” said Catie Riordan, VP Consumer Retail, Enterprise Ireland. “There is a great deal of innovation involved, and we’re very proud to support WaterWipes mission to help us all be more healthy, clean, and comfortable and to use minimal ingredients.”

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