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HealthBeacon Launches Global Patient Safety Technology Platform

To ensure the health and safety of one of the most at-risk groups, cancer patients, HeathBeacon recently launched a digital program to manage injectable medications. The creation of this platform is designed to eliminate the paper system, drive down costs and increase safety for patients. 

With support from Enterprise Ireland, Dublin-based HeathBeacon is developing tools to manage medication. HealthBeaon came to fruition from Founder and CEO, Jim Joyce with ten years of experience working with patients who have chronic medical conditions. He found the need for a dignified way to ensure the consistency of patients taking and disposing of their medication. 

“As the CEO, I see the need our patients have for technology to help them practically deal with their condition. Our success will allow us to digitally connect tens of thousands of patients suffering from chronic diseases globally. These connections will not only help these patients stay on track with their treatment but also fuel further innovations and improvements in their care,” says Jim Joyce.

Although HealthBeacon is just getting started, they currently “More than 800 pharmacies have already adopted the system across Ireland and the UK and 12 pharmaceutical companies have bought licenses to replace their paper-based system with HealthBeacon’s streamlined software.” Not only is the company connected in the UK and US but also gaining traction with pharmaceutical companies in Australia and New Zealand.

In Ireland, the system is approved by the Health Products Regulatory Authority and has been whitelisted by the Health Service Executive, meaning it can directly contact every pharmacy in the country. Healthbeacon expects the new platform will create a new recurring revenue stream for the group as well.

The debut drug released on the system is Lenalidomide, a treatment used for types of cancer. What HealthBeacon does is assists in asking a series of questions to ensure dosages are precise throughout the day when patients’ lives fluctuate to ensure the highest level of safety.  Using a series of electronic checks and balances, HealthBeacon’s platform is designed to ensure the medication cannot be dispensed until a set of agreed safety protocols have been validated.

Enterprise Ireland is proud to support the development of software to improve the health of people around the world. HealthBeacon will globally impact the safety of patients, in particular cancer patients, and their accessibility to necessary treatments. We are delighted to continue our support of HealthBeacon as they continue to grow their innovations.

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