When it comes to delivering on building projects for major multinational clients in the pharmaceutical and data centre sectors, Irish Construction Services and engineering companies have a proven track record of delivering on large-scale, complex projects on time, on budget and to the highest of international standards.

This is particularly true in relation to high-tech builds of data centres and pharmaceutical plants where there is ever-increasing pressure to complete projects in shorter and shorter timeframes.

In the past 30 years or so, Irish Construction Services and engineering companies have been heavily involved in the building of new plants and extending existing facilities in the pharmaceutical sector in Ireland. Today, around 120 overseas pharmaceutical companies have plants in Ireland, including nine of the ten largest in the world.

There has also been a boom in investment in data centres in Ireland since 2008 largely due to the country’s climate and connectivity. Some of the world’s biggest brands such as Apple, Facebook and Microsoft have set up major European data storage facilities there – leading to Ireland’s new titles as the ‘Data Capital of Europe’. Irish companies have won an international reputation for their technical skills and performance in cost engineering and the execution of such data centre projects.

The scale of the high-tech builds Irish companies have worked on ranges from multi-million euro investments up to projects costing several billion euros. Speed is of the essence in the sectors they serve – pharmaceutical plants need to go into production in time for drugs gaining approval and data centres need to go online within a strict timeframe.

To meet this client demand, Irish companies have shown that they can mobilise construction and engineering professionals in a timely manner and communicate effectively with them throughout projects to maximise efficiencies. In addition, they have introduced processes and ways of working that are necessary when dealing with such complexity – for example, processes to optimise engineering design, the supply chain, installation techniques and management practices.

Irish companies have developed the unique skill sets needed as well as the ability to solve complex problems throughout the construction process – the extent of their experience means there is no problem that they have not previously encountered.

They know what the possible challenges and obstacles are from the outset and they design their processes to mitigate against them.

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