What is the Irish Advantage?

Irish companies have a unique approach to partnering with global customers. The Irish workforce is one of the most flexible and educated in the world and a forward-looking mindset means that product, service and process innovation is a key driving factor. Coupled with a proven track record of meeting global market leader needs, the Irish Advantage is obvious.


Most Flexible

And adaptable workforce in the world

A Top 10 Education System

Globally for meeting the needs of a competitive economy

10th Most Reputable

Country in the world

The world’s most adaptable workforce means strong partnerships

Two of the most important things for any customer in choosing a partner are flexibility and adaptability. Ireland has been ranked first in the world for both by IMD in their 2017 Global Competitiveness Yearbook. This adaptability is a key factor in Irish companies’ success in overseas markets – enabling them to approach problems from the customer’s perspective and offer bespoke solutions to their specific requirements.

The adaptability of Ireland’s exporting companies is further helped by a young, motivated workforce, which, according to the OECD, is one of the most educated in the world. Ireland’s education system also ranks in the top 10 globally for meeting the needs of a competitive economy.

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1st for Innovation

Among EU SME's

12 National Research Centres

Set up between 2013 and 2017

1st in the EU

For getting economic value out of research

10th in Global Ranking

For the quality of its scientific research

Europe’s most innovative SMEs deliver competitive advantage for customers

Innovation is a key source of competitive advantage and again, Irish companies have a leading position worldwide with the European Commission’s 2017 Innovation Scorecard ranking Irish SMEs number one for innovation. Customers of Irish companies worldwide are leveraging this innovation to improve operational efficiency and productivity as well as enhancing their own product portfolios.

Building on two decades of investment in science and technology, the Irish Government is continuing to put innovation first and is currently implementing a strategy called Innovation 2020. One of its main aims is to ensure that companies based in Ireland outperform their competitors in international markets. A key target of the strategy is to grow the number of research personnel in industry by 60% to 40,000 by the end of the decade.

Research collaboration between the Irish state and industry is unparalleled. Last year, academic researchers supported by the Irish Government recorded 1,036 collaborative projects between companies and Higher Education institutions.

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Committed to EU

A member since 1973

Most Optimistic

Among EU members about the future of the EU

3rd Most Resilient

Supply chain in the world

Stability, compliance and a global mindset create trust for customers

In light of Brexit, the question of supply chain stability has become a pressing issue for companies worldwide. Ireland will continue to be an active and committed EU member. This means certainty and continuity for EU customers purchasing from Irish companies – and no risk of supply chain interruption, new tariffs or legal complications arising.

Irish companies think globally – for many of our business-to-business companies, exports account for more than 90% of sales. Irish companies also have a long history of serving major global multinationals with Irish operations and as a result are outstanding on the world stage when it comes to compliance with international regulations.

In the uncertain post-Brexit era, Irish companies provide the reassurance that they are operating from a country with a stable supply chain. Ireland was deemed to have the third-most resilient supply chain in the world, according to the 2016 FM Global Resilience Index.

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