Texas: A U.S. Hub for Diverse Irish Companies

Texas is one of the key U.S. centers for innovation and entrepreneurship, creating an ideal environment for several diverse Irish businesses to flourish. Multiple companies ranging from thriving start-ups to Fortune 500 make up the innovative business scene that Texas is known for. Supported by Enterprise Ireland, the Irish government agency for the advancement of international business by Irish firms, many diverse Irish-based companies now have U.S. operations in Texas adding jobs, investments, and ideas to the state’s already-thriving innovative business scene.

According to Sara Hill, Senior Vice President, Enterprise Ireland, Ireland’s contribution to the U.S. economy is significant and growing. “We are proud that Ireland is ranked ninth in foreign direct investment into the United States economy and that our companies employ over 110,000 people in largely skilled positions,” Hill said today. “The contribution’s impact to the United States is evident here in Texas where we have a strong contingent of Irish-based companies operating across a diverse array of industries.”

Below are just some of the leading Irish based companies in Texas ranging across multiple different industries from adtech to security to software and more.

Linesight, a global leader in construction consultancy services, has expanded its presence in Texas with the opening of its fourth U.S. office in Dallas recently. Increasing its team on the ground in Dallas allows them to work more closely with their partners and clients and enables them to leverage new business opportunities in the region.

Wisetek, recognized as a global leader in manufacturing and data sanitization, is just one of a few vendors who offers businesses a complete one-stop solution including IT asset disposition and re-use.

Netwatch equips businesses with best in class detection and monitoring technologies to prevent and catch intruders.

Overhaul provides the first real-time visibility and risk management system designed to oversee and protect shipments of goods or transportation services from the start of a journey to the end.

GridBeyond, an award-winning DSR technology provider, finds flexibility in energy usage so businesses can save money in energy costs, earn higher revenues, enhance operations, and boost sustainability efforts.

SticherAds powers personalized social media advertisements for businesses to drive sales online and in-store.

Diona Mobility turns smartphones and tablets into tools that can be used to achieve better business outcomes and improve how employees collaborate.

WorkHuman is shaping the future of work with the world’s fastest-growing social recognition and continuous performance management platform.

TestTriangle adds value to business operations by providing tailored IT consulting services to companies spanning over multiple industries including Finance, Healthcare, Retail, IT, and Education.

NanoDiamond launched a complete range of diamond products from 50 nanometre to 10/12 US mesh, all of which can be used in several ways, including industrial and biomedical research projects, processing natural stone, and the construction industry.

SEPAM has been assisting businesses in the engineering and construction industry for over forty years by managing and delivering engineering, procurement, and construction project solutions.

iQuate is an innovative software company that delivers data and insight into a company’s Hybrid IT service and infrastructure to speed up transitions to using the cloud. Many Fortune 500 companies rely on iQuate to set them up for success with any cloud platform.

All of these Enterprise Ireland supported companies continue to make a big impact, adding jobs and providing innovative solutions and technologies in Texas.

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