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SureSkills: Building a learning culture in the time of COVID and beyond

Dublin-based Learning Services company, SureSkills, delivers learning and training solutions to some of the world’s leading technology companies. With a holistic approach to learning services, SureSkills helps companies of all sizes develop the skills and capabilities needed to maximize performance. The company helps organizations to design and implement digital learning strategies that include custom eLearning content, competency-based learning, skills gap identification, and learning technology integration.

Enterprise Ireland-backed company SureSkills provides a range of solutions that help organizations build the foundations of a learning experience that caters to the modern learner. In the process, they help organizations transform digitally and build a learning culture that has never been more important and is a significant driver of business value.

“With the move to remote and online work and training delivery in the wake of the global pandemic, learning programs have never had more value,” said Simon Behan, Learning and Content Specialist, SureSkills. “Now more than ever, organizations need to be adaptable and ready to pivot and evolve when necessary, and it takes a competent, informed, and agile workforce to do that. Strong learning programs create and sustain cultures of continual learning that are essential to surviving uncertain times and thriving in the future.”

Behan explained that the digital transformation had been gathering pace for years before the global pandemic accelerated the move to remote work and online learning. Organizations that were considering transforming or updating their learning program now feel they have no choice. And transformation can be daunting.

“We work to reassure organizations that transformation is systematic, and we provide the services that are the foundation of a successful learning experience,” added Behan. “This building block approach helps our clients build an effective and sustainable learning culture within their organization.”

SureSkills also delivers a highly comprehensive, cloud-based, virtual hands-on training lab service in addition to the platform tools. A virtual lab is a live environment where learners can experience the same software they will use in their job. It is not a simulation – it is the actual product, but in a non-production environment where users can experiment without affecting the actual production environment.

“Our lab service has been hailed as an unqualified success, including the development and presentation of a high-profile gamified lab exercise at the prestigious Google Next conference in 2019,” explains Steven Long, SureSkills SVP of Sales. “The lab was designed to test experienced engineers and developers – and it went on to be used by Google in a series of events globally throughout 2019.”

The SureSkills team has decades of experience providing learning services to some of the world’s leading companies (Google, VMware, Microsoft, AWS). Ultimately, SureSkills becomes an extension of their teams, delivering services aligned with their unique core values.

“Learning experience platforms have revolutionized the landscape, but what many don’t realize is that you can’t simply invest in emerging learning technology, turn it on, and watch the culture evolve,” added Long. “From goal setting, competency mapping, and content development to governance and learning principles, analytics, and post-implementation support, we provide all necessary services to facilitate a total, remote learning experience aligned with the client’s culture and business needs.”

In today’s COVID environment, in-person, instructor-led training at specific times in specific places has given way to self-directed learning in the flow of work, available any time, any place, on any device. This emphasis on the learning experience has changed the way organizations create, curate, and deliver content and influenced the technology they choose. The learning experience is firmly at the heart of successful workplace learning programs.

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