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Success Stories

Browse a selection of in-depth customer success stories from all over the world. Find out how Irish companies helped to solve unique business challenges with tailor-made solutions, a partnership approach and market-leading innovation.

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A small, affordable, easy-to-use, body-worn data device from Output Sports is elevating elite and amateur athletic performance

Enterprise Ireland-supported client company Output Sports is transforming athletic performance. Using advanced signal processing and machine learning techniques, the company has developed a solution to test multiple components of athletic…

Life Sciences

Aquila Bioscience helps keep people safe from Covid & the World safe from toxic chemicals

An Irish university spin-out is set to disrupt the global antibacterial and disinfectant industry. Aquila Bioscience has taken a unique Pathogen Capturing Technology (PCT), which it developed to keep first…


Synecco is bringing complex mechanical medical device development to the U.S.

Recognizing the challenges faced by a growing number of medical device companies worldwide, Synecco is expanding its unique service offering across the U.S. market. The development of complex mechanical delivery…

PEL Waste Reduction

Irish firm offers a smart sustainable solution for waste

Every industry is ripe for digital transformation these days and waste is no exception, as one Irish entrepreneur is proving. With new customers including the US Army and multiple UK local authorities,…


HANLEY ENERGY: A Vision for a Green Future

According to Hanley Energy, critical power for their clients is about more than keeping the lights on. They are focused on sustainably sourced, energy-efficient power. By identifying and eliminating incremental…


KEENAN: A Vision for a Green Future

In an environmental context, farming is often defined by its contribution to harmful methane emissions. Not at KEENAN. This innovative Irish company believes a green future is one where agriculture…


DAVRA: A Vision for a Green Future

The team at Davra will tell you that a green future is a digitized future. This Dublin-based Internet of Things (IoT) company uses technology to drive sustainability across sectors. When companies…


OCEANENERGY TECHNOLOGY: A Vision for a Green Future

In an effort to increase sustainability, we are adopting more renewable sources of energy. Wind and solar are growing quickly, but OceanEnergy believe the most valuable and persistent renewable resource…

Interior of public transport

CITYSWIFT: A Vision for a Green Future

How CitySwift is Creating a Greener Future How is CitySwift contributing to this vision? One word: data. Their original technology platform enables the collection of large amounts of information across…


GRIDBEYOND: A Vision for a Green Future

When it comes to the future of sustainable energy, GridBeyond believes carbon reduction plans and the strategic pursuit of clean energy are key. According to this ‘intelligent energy technology’ company,…

Talent Management

Utmost Extended Workforce System sees rapid new customer growth in 2020

Enterprise Ireland- supported Utmost Software, Inc., offers software solutions for the enterprise and its extended workforce. From temporary workers to consultants, vendors, freelancers, contractors, and more, the company’s solution allows…

Travel Tech

Daon: Pioneering a mobile health passport for safe travel

An Irish mobile health passport is providing air travel with a much-needed shot in the arm VeriFLY, the mobile health passport from Irish biometric identity assurance specialist Daon, is providing international…