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Browse a selection of in-depth customer success stories from all over the world. Find out how Irish companies helped to solve unique business challenges with tailor-made solutions, a partnership approach and market-leading innovation.

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Tribetactics helps companies leverage existing materials for better customer/audience engagement, fulfillment

Dublin-based technology firm tribetactics is a content repurposing platform that helps companies repurpose their webinars, virtual events, and video podcasts into lots of smaller content pieces for web and social. Marketing…

SL Controls and SteriPack unite to ramp up production of Covid-19 testing kits and PPE

Two Irish companies — SL Controls and SteriPack — are working together to bring swab testing kits for Covid-19 to the US and global market. The companies are also supporting each other…


Dromone Engineering: Developing award-winning, safety-critical devices

As winners of the Farm Safety Award at the 2020 Enterprise Ireland Innovation Arena Awards, Dromone Engineering Managing Director, William Egenton, speaks to us about leveling-up the expertise in farm…


COVID contact tracker apps from NearForm adopted by several US states

NearForm is a software solutions company specializing in globally accelerated solution and platform delivery for a range of clients that includes Condé Nast, Ingka, and EY.  Recently, NearForm has been…


Future of voice technology: Helping children learn and play

Mainstream voice technology has never worked well for children, but rapid advances in technology mean kids are not only seeing more voice-enabled toys, but also gaining invaluable tools for literacy…


Hexafly: Causing a biotech buzz in insect farming

It may seem insignificant or even a nuisance, but the humble fly could be the key to the future of the planet. This was the view held by Alvan Hunt…


The future of transport: easy, efficient and sustainable

As transport companies increasingly embrace big data, passengers around the world can expect to enjoy more reliable, more integrated, and greener public transport. Waiting for a bus can be a…

Talent Management

Irish talent-tech company goes global

Finding talented technology contractors is no longer solely the concern of technology businesses, it’s now due to Covid-19, the main challenge for all businesses. Irish talent-tech specialist Techfynder has the solution. Techfynder is…


IC Mask Design: Combining innovation and unrivalled engineering knowledge

Combining innovation and unrivaled engineering knowledge, with flexibility and total commitment, in semiconductor physical design IC Mask Design was founded in 2002 and operates out of premises in Limerick, Maynooth,…

Travel Tech

Datalex: Rested, Recovered, and Ready for Complete Retailing

Guest interview by travel industry thought leader, consumer analyst, and co-founder of Atmosphere Research Group, Henry Harteveldt. Datalex would like you to know that they’re not dead. In fact, not only…

Mark Purcell CXV Global Solutions

The future of digital manufacturing: making Industry 4.0 a reality

Automation, artificial intelligence, augmented reality and robotics are among the tools manufacturers can deploy to benefit from radical digital transformation. As the world awaits a Covid-19 vaccine, the cold truth…


As work-from-home strategies become norm, ThinScale helps companies deploy easy and secure remote solutions

ThinScale Technologies is one of the fastest-growing tech companies in the areas of software-defined thin clients, desktop virtualization, and server-based computing. The company’s award-winning solutions help organizations of all types…