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Zevo Health: Caring for wellbeing and boosting retention

May 27 2020 No Comments

Given the challenges millions of employees are facing while working from home during the coronavirus crisis, employers around the world are seeking ways to support staff, protect their wellbeing, and help them build resilience. 

Irish corporate health and wellness provider Zevo Health has been proactive in responding to the needs of new and existing corporate clients since the crisis began.

“We can see from queries we receive, conversations with customers and search trends that people are very focused on topics such as anxiety, nutrition, sleep, remote training and emotional resilience when it comes to supporting employees during these challenging times,” said Emma Cooke, business development manager at Zevo Health.

Responding to employee concerns

Zevo Health has responded to this need for information with new offerings, including the Zevo Health Online Academy which focuses on nutrition, sleep, physical health, and psychological wellbeing courses as well as managing organizational change during Covid-19.

It has also developed a 21-day working from home masterclass, designed to help employees stay engaged and productive. It delivers daily video content through the Zevo Health app, which was developed in-house, on topics such as ergonomics, stretching exercises, meditation, and health anxiety.

“It is important now more than ever to ensure employees’ energy is optimal,” says Zevo Health CEO Richard Murphy, who set up the company in 2017. “To do this, we need to make sure they are provided with accessible and comprehensive wellbeing resources, as a healthy organization is a strong and resilient organization.” 

Holistic content developed by experts

Almost half of Zevo Health’s team of 28 comprises in-house health coaches, such as psychologists, psychotherapists, nutritionists, and physical performance experts, who create Zevo’s content. “In terms of the validity of our content, this definitely differentiates us in the market,” says Cooke.

“Everything we do stems from Zevo’s three core pillars – to move, to nourish, and to inspire. These pillars which address physical health, nutritional health, and psychological wellbeing are the foundation of who we are and what we do. They are intrinsic in the design and delivery of services we provide to our clients as part of their Corporate Wellness Strategy.”

Zevo Health’s mission is to optimize employee engagement and support mental health in the workplace through evidence-based, tailored programs, and innovative user-focused technology.

When asked to implement an annual program for a client, Zevo Health conducts a full needs analysis and identifies employee pain points through surveys and focus groups. It then provides the client with a full report that outlines a customized program. This could include, for example, a suite of training options delivered through the app or workshops designed to address specific needs.

The Zevo Health app integrates with all of the leading fitness trackers to encourage employees to set daily goals, track physical movement, and take part in company challenges. It also gives users access to fitness plans, nutritious recipes, and mental health courses.

Meanwhile, employers can use Zevo Health’s platform to carry out anonymous staff surveys and gain insight into employee wellbeing, performance, and job satisfaction.

Adapting to new ways of working

Zevo Health has been able to transition its in-person professional services, such as one-to-one counseling and group workshops, to secure online platforms since the onset of the crisis. “We are providing psychological wellbeing and support to our clients’ employees, so we have to continue that,” says Cooke.

“Our whole purpose at Zevo hasn’t changed during this whole crisis. Like everybody, we are finding new ways to deliver our products and services where they are needed. The most important part of this for us is to support employee wellbeing during the current climate, particularly the abrupt changes employees have seen to their daily routine and the impact on their health of the lack of face-to-face contact.”

Wellbeing programs: a strategic advantage

Zevo Health’s client base is predominantly in Ireland, but the company has a global footprint and supports thousands of employees around the world in sectors as diverse as technology, medical devices, government, construction, finance, and law. Its clients include Google, Twitter, Pinterest, Boston Scientific, Grant Thornton, Circle K, and other worldwide brands. To date, Zevo Health has been self-funded but plans to open a funding round later in 2020.

While most of its customers are large firms, Cooke says Zevo Health clients range from small businesses upwards, pointing out that wellbeing is applicable to all organizations no matter what their size or industry. Furthermore, she says, while wellbeing programs are clearly important during crisis periods such as this pandemic, they’re also a vital strategic tool for companies.

Employees of large firms, in particular, often have high expectations of the company as an employer, wellbeing programs play a strong role in staff retention and maintaining adequate turnover rates”, she explains.

“There is a lot of pressure on HR departments to support employee wellbeing during Covid-19,” she said, “but the challenge will continue as we navigate the long-term prospect of remote working and how best to support the needs of our employees.

Zevo is keen to anticipate the needs of HR managers and, to that end, is also developing a return-to-work masterclass for the long-awaited day when employees can start going back to their offices.

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