Wisetek brings unique data disposal to the US

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Ireland-based Wisetek Inc. is a global leader in advanced IT asset disposal, data destruction, technology reuse and manufacturing services. With US operations headquartered in Maryland, and with other operational centers located in Massachusetts, and now Austin, Texas and Sacramento, California, Wisetek offers the largest fleet of mobile data destruction vehicles across the country providing national and international coverage for on-site data destruction, IT removal, reuse and recycling services.

“The goal of our process is to assure that clients remain legally and ethically secure in their data destruction and IT asset disposal operations,” said Chris Scott, President, US Operations, Wisetek Solutions Inc. “Our uniqueness is based in our comprehensive range of services, the international scale of operations including existing facilities in Europe, Asia and the Middle East, and global service innovation.”

Scott explained how companies are now being held accountable for more sustainable means of achieving economic growth without environmental degradation. Wisetek’s mission is to support sustainable resource consumption through the critical reuse, refurbish and remarketing of IT components and to help companies maximize the value of their IT asset investments.

“A lot of organizations require centralized management control of IT asset disposal to ensure all data is secured in retired IT equipment before leaving their premises,” said Scott. “We also work with many clients to prioritize the recovery of their IT components, either for reuse within their operations or to provide a secondary market for their used IT equipment allowing them to recover value on assets they have purchased, which can, in turn, be used for reinvestment.”

Trusted by some of the largest brands in the world, including Dell EMC, McAfee, Tyco, VCE, Option Wireless and Jabil, Wisetek offers a fully-managed, end-to-end service to accommodate companies of all sizes across the globe. With facilities throughout Europe, Asia, the Middle East and the US, Wisetek offers a single-company solution for reverse logistics and IT asset value recovery for the electronics/IT industry.

Expanding US operations

Wisetek recently opened two new US locations: in Austin, Texas, and Sacramento, California. The Austin, Texas location is a dedicated facility for IT asset disposal, secure data destruction, and manufacturing services, initially staffed with 25 new employees. The new Sacramento, California location is a recycle and reuse electronic data warehouse facility with 20 initial employees. Both locations are expected to grow quickly.

Councilmember Eric Guerra, Sara Hill, Enterprise Ireland, Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg, Sean Sheehan, Wisetek and Barry Broome, Greater Sacramento Economic Council

“Wisetek is committed to providing our most comprehensive range of services to the US market and this facility will allow us to better support our new and existing IT manufacturing, data center and large IT user customers in the rapidly expanding Texas IT marketplace,” stated Sean Sheehan, Founder and CEO, Wisetek.

Wisetek management explained that the new facilities will become industry-leading locations for the processing of used electronics, and a base for dispatching the company’s mobile shredding fleet. From online order processing to tracking materials and providing a secondary market for client’s equipment, these new locations will see the full scope of Wisetek’s services.

“Wisetek is a perfect example of how our organization continues to develop a foreign direct investment strategy for the Sacramento market as we continue to build relationships with Ireland,” said Barry Broome, CEO for the Greater Sacramento Economic Council. “Additionally, Wisetek will help support the future of our hardware/high-tech manufacturing industry cluster.”

“Irish companies are known the world over for innovation, flexibility and the competitive advantage,” said Heather Humphrey, Irish Government Minister for Business, Enterprise and Innovation. “Wisetek typifies the growing success of Irish companies internationally and particularly in the USA, where almost 800 Irish-owned companies operate across all 50 states are employing over 100,000 people.”

Minister for Business, Enterprise and Innovation Heather Humphreys at the opening of Wisetek’s facility in Texas in March.


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