Vennetics empowers users to get the best price for VoD services with innovative app

July 16 2018 No Comments

Vennetics has teamed up with US cellular network provider Cellular One to launch a unique new App called Chill VoD, which dramatically improves how users can search and discover their preferred VoD content, ensuring that they always get the lowest possible price for premium shows. With so much VoD content now available, it can be difficult and time-consuming for users to discover relevant movies and TV shows. Accessing each available service or app in turn and browsing the separate catalogs, can be a frustrating process.

Recent research conducted by Cellular One among its customer base showed that more than half of all consumers (58%) have been frustrated by renting a movie only to discover later that the same movie was available to view for free on a subscription service (such as Netflix, Amazon or Hulu).

“It’s a pain when it happens, and unfortunately it occurs far too often, and in many cases, the customer doesn’t realize there are options,” said Drew Logsdon, Marketing Manager at Cellular One. “Our research shows that almost two out of every three users on our network are already aware that the price of renting the same movie can vary a lot between different VoD providers, but searching for the best option is frustrating.”

Logsdon explained that it’s just not practical for customers to search all providers to find the best price. The good news is that Cellular One working with Vennetics, have launched Chill VOD to address these specific issues. The Chill VoD App provides users with a universal search capability. This means that users can carry out one search across all the leading online video and TV providers simultaneously, to instantly compare prices.

“Consumers have been eagerly looking for an aggregated service that can bring all of their VoD content into one experience,” said John Barron, VP Sales & Marketing at Vennetics. “By working with the team at Cellular One, we’ve responded to this consumer need with the ground-breaking Chill VoD App.”

Vennetics Mobile Video Platform provides a cross-catalog search capability that spans all of the major internet-based video on demand (VoD) catalogs. It uniquely curates content into one easy-to-use App, allowing users to search and discover movies and TV shows across multiple VoD services simultaneously. It also provides immediate price comparisons, ensuring that end users never pay too much for a movie.

“Vennetics is a unique and innovative platform in the tech entertainment space, and Enterprise Ireland is pleased to support the company’s expansion into the US market,” said Oran Bambrick, Enterprise Ireland’s SVP of Digital Technologies. “The US represents an exciting opportunity for growth, and we’re thrilled to be a part of the company’s success.”

Ireland is well placed to benefit from the anticipated growth in internet of things (IoT) solutions in the coming years, principally due to the impact of a powerful cohort of dynamic companies with expertise in the key core telecoms and information and communication technologies which underpin them.

Ireland’s IoT industry is one of the most dynamic in the world. A world-class sector of technically specialist Irish companies has developed in this concentrated and tightly-knit ecosystem, which also includes global technology leaders, electronics companies, and research institutions.

Headquartered in Dundalk, Ireland, Vennetics is committed to helping providers launch relevant and engaging services that delight their users and meet their evolving entertainment and communication needs.

Faster networks and increased demand for large-screen devices are helping fuel the mobile video explosion. Today, the majority of data on operators’ networks consists of video. At the same time operators’ revenues are stagnating, even as operating and capital expenditures are increasing.

Meanwhile, the “over-the-top” (OTT) players — services such as Netflix and Amazon for example that piggyback free on data networks — are gaining in number and popularity.

“The key challenge for providers like Cellular One is to better manage the delivery of these OTT video services, which have become essential to the daily lives of their customers,” said Barron. “Vennetics solutions address this challenge by delivering unique search tools for the end user, and powerful management tools for the provider.”

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