As work-from-home strategies become norm, ThinScale helps companies deploy easy and secure remote solutions

July 29 2020 No Comments

ThinScale Technologies is one of the fastest-growing tech companies in the areas of software-defined thin clients, desktop virtualization, and server-based computing. The company’s award-winning solutions help organizations of all types effectively implement remote working and bring-your-own-device business continuity strategies. The ThinScale portfolio of Windows-based software-only solutions enable existing hardware, owned by either the organization or the user, to be easily converted into secure, flexible, centrally-managed thin clients.

With a company headquarters in Dublin, Enterprise Ireland-supported ThinScale has an international focus with organizations in more than 22 countries optimizing their virtualized environments with their solutions. The company disrupted the thin client market with ThinKiosk, the first Windows-based PC to Thin Client converter in 2013. Today, the team continues to solve the challenges faced by IT groups with software solutions that deliver a modern, digital workplace. In the face of the global COVID-19 crisis, now more than ever, organizations are looking for efficient, effective, and secure work-at-home solutions.

“Traditionally, many of our customers would spend a lot of time and money managing the purchase and distribution of equipment for their workers,” said Brendan Kiely, CEO, ThinScale Technologies. “By enabling clients to use a secure BYOD (bring your own device) model, this not only dramatically reduces capital expenditure but also practically eliminates the logistical challenges involved in managing equipment.” Kiely added that ThinScale solutions are lightweight, flexible, and easy to install and set up by the employee or agent at home. This speeds up onboarding times and reduces the amount of support and helpdesk required. The company’s Secure Remote Worker software enables personal or user-owned devices to be used securely from home.

“If the endpoint is not secure, it leaves a company open to multiple risks including data transfer, data breaches, viruses, and more,” explained Kiely. “We provide peace of mind in relation to security and compliance at the endpoint, and our solutions are easy to use and familiar to the employee or agent. This results in a positive end-user experience, which helps create a positive customer experience.”

ThinScale solutions have helped companies move their entire workforce to working from home, quickly, easily, and securely without the high costs or operational overheads usually associated with traditional hardware approaches. This is especially true in Business Process Outsourcing (“BPO”), where many of the leading global players rely on ThinScale technology to deliver, secure, and managed endpoints across their vast, distributed workforces and home working programs.

“For our BPO customers, it enables them to have a secure BYOD model which enables their agents to work securely from home using their own personal devices,” said Kiely. “This has many benefits for BPOs – obvious cost savings as well as other operational savings and increased efficiencies.”

Remote Operations, a COVID-19 Response

“When the pandemic first broke out, like many companies, we moved all of our staff to working from home very quickly as safety was of paramount importance,” said Kiely. “We have weekly check-in calls for everyone, and we’ve been doing a number of activities to keep people motivated and engaged, including pizza nights and quiz nights over Zoom. Remote operations and work from home strategies have become the new norm. We have seen a lot of growth in this period because our solutions enable secure and compliant work at home, so we have grown ourselves and taken on new staff interviewing and hiring remotely.

With remote working having become a critical business tool, ThinScale has seen a lot of growth, especially within the Business Process Outsourcing and Contact Center industries due to their focus on remote working and work at home. As these areas continue to grow, Kiely expects their business will continue to grow.

With the support of Enterprise Ireland, ThinScale is focusing on the US market. “Our key focus right now is on the US market, where we are seeing a lot of interest in our solutions right now,” said Kiely. “These are unusual times, and we continue to watch how this crisis will unfold and how companies are adapting. We listen closely to our customers and innovate our solutions to meet new and often unanticipated needs. These are unusual and unfortunate times, but I’m proud of our team and the remote solutions we are able to provide to help organizations move forward.”

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