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Spearline: Helping global businesses to connect with their customers for more than 10 years

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Spearline is a technology company that proactively monitors toll and toll-free numbers for connectivity and audio quality, globally. The company supports telecom-based organizations, such as contact centers and conferencing companies, and other major organizations in ensuring that their global telecoms infrastructure is performing to the highest standards. Spearline works with large enterprises across diverse sectors, such as financial services, pharmaceutical, travel, and retail multinationals. It has conducted millions of test calls worldwide, resulting in billions of data points.

Headquartered in Skibbereen, Co Cork (Ireland) and with offices in Waterford (Ireland), Romania and India, Spearline offers global coverage and operates a worldwide, comprehensive support service available 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

In 2009, the Spearline platform was developed in response to a customer need for a product that did not exist at the time. The requirement was to solve a frustrating and expensive problem in the telecommunications industry as inbound phone services could not be verified unless the company had a physical presence in the country. In other words, organizations with toll-free numbers could not test the numbers unless they were dialing within the country.

“Before Spearline, companies were relying on relatives abroad, backpackers, and even Irish pubs to ring the number for them to test their international numbers and connections,” said Kevin Buckley, Chief Executive Officer at Spearline. “This was far from a foolproof system, so we responded with a solution for multinational organizations to assure their quality.”

Success built on data

Over the last ten years, Spearline has conducted millions of test calls worldwide, resulting in billions of data points, making it an industry leader. As of October 2019, Spearline has points of presence in market locations that represent 89% of global fixed lines and 88% of the world’s economic activity (GDP) across the globe.

The Spearline platform is a SaaS solution that proactively monitors toll and toll-free numbers globally, allowing organizations to optimize their customer experience. With the Spearline platform, the company’s enterprise, unified communications, and telecoms customers can test connectivity and audio quality globally.

Spearline tests phone numbers in-country by replicating the customer experience, dialing in on the numbers, and immediately flagging any customer-impacting issue that is detected. Spearline equips its customers with data to enable them to take prompt action to resolve the issue. Spearline customers can proactively monitor their numbers. This ensures the organizations’ customers are not negatively impacted by a reduced customer experience, which could lead to increased customer churn as well as potential damage to brand reputation.

“We have an excellent company culture built upon talented, innovative people, and a wonderful customer base — and the multinationals based in Ireland have been brilliant in helping us to open doors internationally,” added Buckley. “And agencies like Enterprise Ireland, which have facilitated meetings and provided us with advice in many overseas situations, have been invaluable.”

Excellence built on service

Spearline co-founders Kevin Buckley, CEO, and Matthew Lawlor, CTO, attribute the business’ growth to having a great product that delivers high value for customers. Spearline continues to grow and develop the company through its product, team, and customer base. Regular innovations in line with customer requirements are at the core of Spearline. Growth in global infrastructure is driven by customer demand and interest, and today Spearline has a physical presence in 69 countries (and growing) as a result.

“Our proven success is the key reason for the high level of interest from U.S. customers,” said Buckley. “They have heard about the solution and are keen to see the positive impact that we could have on their organizations through improved telecoms.”

Buckley explained that when a new customer comes on board, they are up and running with Spearline as soon as possible. At the start of the relationship, awareness building is vital, and over time customers see the benefits of working with the company. This, in turn, leads to bespoke offerings, helping them to solve problems and, ultimately, leads to customer advocacy.

Each customer receives a named, individual Customer Engagement (CE) Manager. Spearline provides 24/7 support to all customers. Regardless of where in the world a customer is located, and no matter what time of the day, they can contact Spearline either by phone or email and their query will be handled by a member of staff in real-time.

The Irish Advantage 

When speaking of Enterprise Ireland’s ongoing support at the official opening of the Spearline headquarters in Ireland in August 2019, Martin Corkery, Regional Director, South & South East Regions, Enterprise Ireland, said, “Spearline continues to expand and evolve its business at a steady rate in response to global demand, particularly in the U.S. By cultivating its global footprint, Spearline is creating opportunities and regionally based jobs. We very much applaud the efforts of everyone involved in reaching this stage and in delivering additional employment to Skibbereen through the opening of Spearline’s headquarters. We look forward to continuing our relationship with the company as it enters the next phase of its growth.”

“Large U.S. multinationals with headquarters in Ireland have been important links in helping us forge new business in the United States,” said Buckley. “Word-of-mouth referrals are essential to our business, and our U.S. customers are happy to refer us to others in the industry.”

Tom Hinds, Vice President of Global Contact Center Management at Mastercard states that Spearline’s ability to create automated test calls was exactly what Mastercard needed, “It’s the ability to go in and create those calls… whether I do it four times a day, or 24 times a day, I can create a call that simulates a call originating in any given country, terminating where I want it to go, and I can measure it — thus, helping us assure a great customer experience.”

Pierre- Baptiste Béchu, co-founder of Aircall describes Spearline as a “crystal ball,” he explains, “We used the Spearline API from Day 1. It was a way for us to better analyze test results and do correlations that are centered on our business and use cases.”

Arnie Chencinski, Senior Voice Network Engineer at Zoom Video Communications, states that “Using Spearline has given me a powerful new tool for troubleshooting customer problem reports. It’s also been great to generate detailed info when I need to provide call examples to our telephone carriers so we can get issues corrected before they impact our customers. Most importantly, everybody we work within Spearline’s Account and Support teams have been extremely responsive and helpful in getting Zoom’s testing environment running reliably.”

The Growth Continues

In addition to great referrals, Spearline regularly exhibits at trade shows in North America. At the end of March 2020, Spearline executives will be exhibiting and speaking at Enterprise Connect in Florida. While there, they will meet with their existing and prospective customers and share more insights and developments on in-country number testing on a global scale for multinationals.

“When expanding within the U.S. and globally, an Irish company has significant advantages due to the respect and admiration that has been earned by Irish companies at a global level,” added Buckley. “This is particularly prominent when doing business within the United States due to the close ties between the two countries. There is a high level of admiration between the two countries, and the desire to create mutually beneficial, synergistic relationships remains strong. We look forward to continue working with our partners and customers to provide an even better telecom experience.”

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