Salaso Health Solutions delivering technology and the power of exercise for improved health, patient recovery, employee wellness

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Salaso Health Solutions is an innovative, Ireland-based technology company that produces software solutions for online care in physical rehabilitation and wellness. The company’s care management platform and mobile apps help patients convert prescribed exercise routines into daily habits, boosting their engagement and recovery. The Salaso platform makes it easy for patients to complete prescribed programs, log their progress, and reach short- and long-term goals. The increased engagement also creates more touchpoints between patient and physician, making the patient more engaged in their recovery pathway.

We recently spoke with Matthew Byrne, the Vice President of Sales for Salaso. Byrne has a doctorate in physical therapy and has used his knowledge and experience to switch over to the business development and sales side of the industry.

Why was Salaso started, and who benefits from the technology?

Salaso was started by our CEO Aoife Ní Mhuirí in 2011 in Kerry County in Tralee. It is based on her idea that exercise can be beneficial to anyone, and the combination of exercise and technology can combine to evolve how the healthcare providers can better engage patients, employees, and everyday people with the power of exercise.

Ultimately, we’re here to provide patients and caregivers access to a precision exercise program to help make sure they get the exercises that they need — whether it be for health, wellness, or recovery — to make sure that their outcomes are as positive as possible.

What is your relationship like with your patients?

We pride ourselves on becoming true partners within the client organizations. We really want to integrate ourselves within their processes, within their strategy, with the different committees they have. We work not only with management but with the employees as well to make sure that we’re truly a part of their day-to-day processes as well as their future plans. Our customer service and operations team and our management team do a great job of integrating within an organization, so they feel we are a part of them. When they see that we care as much as they do, they appreciate and value that aspect of the company.

A couple of years ago, in a hotel in Cork, our management team was doing a workshop session and we had the door open because it was extremely hot in the meeting room. A gentleman walking by overheard us speaking about Salaso, and he poked his head in and praised us and shared his experience about how our platform helped him personally. He was in an unfortunate car accident a few years earlier, resulting in multiple pelvic and leg fractures. His physiotherapist used the Salaso exercise prescription platform and the mobile app to work with him throughout his rehab process. He went on to tell us that the reason why he’s walking today is because of Salaso. It was a touching story, and it very much gave us validation that we were doing the right thing and headed in the right direction.

Did you see an opportunity at Salaso to make an impact that you would not have otherwise had?

Absolutely, Salaso has the ability to connect with and touch thousands of patients, employees, and caregivers at any time. So our ability to leverage technology to get our platform in front of those individuals has had a tremendous impact.

Are there any emerging technologies that you’re excited about?

We’re in an ever-growing technology world, so we have to continue to be innovative and at the forefront of innovation and technology. So, we actually launched a new platform that is employee wellness, health and wellness, and benefits-driven. There is a prevention platform and a recovery platform that’s aimed toward employees and employers, versus the healthcare industry and patients. It’s opening us up to a whole other market that we haven’t necessarily tapped into at this point. And the innovation and AI and machine learning that goes into that aspect of things are going to put us at the forefront of those types of services.

What are the benefits of an Irish company expanding into the U.S.?

I think one of the things that has surprised me the most about Salaso and other Irish-based companies is how innovative and forward-thinking they all are. This is definitely an advantage over other countries. You can see a common thread and theme with Irish companies that they’re very forward-thinking, they want to be on the cutting edge, they’re willing to take a little bit more risk than some companies, and I think that’s a considerable advantage because ultimately, we’re at the forefront of whatever product or service that we’re trying to sell. The goal or challenge is to get U.S. companies to adapt to that. And that’s a challenge that we see as a good challenge, and we’re excited to take that on.

What’s next for Salaso?

Growth — both internally and externally. From a team perspective, we now have 17 employees, which has come a long way from 2011 when this was all just an idea of Aoife’s. So, seeing that growth internally, I think it speaks volumes. Growth within our customers is another big piece. Ultimately our goal is to grow in the U.S.; specifically, we’re currently targeting growth within the Northeast corridor. But ultimately, the goal is to grow our business in the U.S. with companies that we can make a significant impact, whether it be from a patient or healthcare perspective or employee health and wellness benefits perspective for the employer. We have an excellent and effective system that directly benefits patients — our goal now is to grow.

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Salaso Health Solutions delivering technology and the power of exercise for improved health, patient recovery, employee wellness

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