Orreco: Leveraging individualized bio-analytics to optimize the performance of the world’s top athletes

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Orreco is an Irish sports and data science company delivering unparalleled AI-driven solutions for optimizing athletic performance. By uniquely blending sports science, data science and machine learning, Orreco solutions generate customized indicators of injury risk, optimal training load, and recovery strategies for elite athletes of all types.

Founded in 2010 by Galway native high-performance sports scientist Dr. Brian Moore, and consultant hematologist Dr. Andrew Hodgson, the Orreco team began combining blood biomarker analysis with cutting-edge data science technology. Their goal was to build adaptive performance models for professional athletes, and also create solutions to benefit amateur athletes or weekend warriors.

“Everything we do is about helping the best athletes in the world perform even better,” said Colin Morrissey, VP of Operations, Orreco. “We do this by analyzing biomarkers in the blood that relate to performance and blending this with other contextual data. We calculate an athlete’s individual range and provide personalized strategies to accelerate recovery and optimize performance.”

What sets the business apart is a combination of proprietary data sets (including biomarkers, GPS data, wellness data, sleep data, travel data, and more), world-leading sports and data scientists, and working with phenomenal athletes who are continually striving to get better.

Orreco has also become a world leader in the provision of female athlete consultancy services that focus on developing research and education, and moving female physiology mainstream, with personal health always at the forefront. Following on from the globally successful rollout of its FitrWoman app, which optimizes individual female athlete performance around the menstrual cycle, Orreco has also developed FitrCoach to revolutionize how teams and coaches monitor and support female athletes.

“We have been analyzing biomarker data for nearly 20 years and have assembled an industry-leading team of sports and data scientists who operate as a team within the teams we work with,” Morrissey explained. “Together, our scientists have worked with over 2,000 elite athletes, published over 300 peer-reviewed papers, and continue to lead research globally in their fields. Our knowledge, experience, and technical ability gives teams and players the kind of edge that has a real value.”

Because of the company’s long and broad experience in bio-analytics, Orreco has a unique global database of athletes across different sports. This database underpins the company’s proprietary models and algorithms. Orreco products and services are considered truly world-leading.

Morrissey added that Orreco’s global experience has significantly helped them gain business in the U.S. market, with major-winning golfers Padraig Harrington and Graeme McDowell among early investors and clients. Other high-profile U.S. investors include Silicon Valley-based True Ventures, which was also an early investor in Fitbit, as well as Irish angel investors such as former Amazon VP of Technology Tom Killalea.

Orreco’s services are trusted by teams and athletes competing at the highest level of sport, including the NBA, NFL, NHL, PGA, Olympics, F1, and the English Premier League. The Dallas Mavericks are a particular public advocate for Orreco in the media, pointing out the team’s ability to maximize player readiness, identify increased injury risk and reduce days lost to illness. Orreco also began an early and continuing relationship with English Premier League side Newcastle United, which is heading into its eight-year, and count other elite sports organizations such as US Women’s Soccer, USA Swimming, and Red Bull High Performance as part of its client base.

“Our partnership with the Mavericks, which is owned by Mark Cuban, has been important for us in that it has generated significant international media exposure for Orreco,” said Morrissey. The relationship led to a prominent feature piece in the New York Times earlier this year. This, in turn, led indirectly to Orreco becoming the Official Bio-Analytics partner of the National Basketball Players Association and the signing of the Atlanta Hawks NBA franchise to a long term deal.

The Orreco team works with some of the best athletes on the planet and is very proud of the peer-reviewed research that drives their service. The company is constantly looking for, and developing, evidence-based and clinically proven technology that can help their clients to get even better and navigate that fine line between training really hard and training too hard and getting sick or hurt.

Orreco’s research sets a standard for reducing injury and illness risk and subsequent recovery. Player readiness, sleep, and nutrition data – from rookie players to league veterans, it’s all analyzed to protect player wellness, maintain high performance and prolong careers.

When asked what role being an Irish company has played in Orreco’s success, Morrissey explained that from early-stage start-ups to established and growing companies, the conditions for creating a thriving global business in Ireland are excellent.

“We have benefited from the extensive international Irish network, which has included key investment and support from Enterprise Ireland,” said Morrissey. “Additionally, the Irish workforce and the high level of innovation coming out of Ireland in finding technology-based solutions is exciting to witness. There is a great, positive Irish business momentum happening right now, and we’re proud to be a part of that.”

Read more Orreco success stories at The New York Times, Irish Independent, The Telegraph, The Guardian, The Daily Telegraph, ABC’s Good Morning America.

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