The unique NORTEV equine nebulizer: helping the global equine market breathe a lot easier

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NORTEV Ltd. is a veterinary medical device company based in Galway, on the west coast of Ireland. NORTEV is the world leader in veterinary aerosol therapy. The company’s Flexineb Equine is an innovative and award-winning equine nebulizer that has been clinically proven at the highest academic level. NORTEV is the only company in the world that has designed an equine nebulizer, Flexineb, specifically for equines without integrating human technologies that are inefficient for the equine market.

“Flexineb is the most clinically and academically researched equine nebulizer in the world,” said Gavan O’Sullivan, Managing Director, NORTEV. “We achieved this by conducting more than 12 months of detailed field research within the industry before starting any product design work. This level of dedicated research upfront was our way of integrating the industry into the design process — the industry set our specifications, not engineers.”

O’Sullivan explained that a horse’s lungs are the limiting factor in terms of how they can best perform. A recent study of equine asthma among thoroughbred racehorses in the U.S. shows that 80 percent of the thoroughbred racehorses surveyed had mild or moderate asthma. Flexineb delivers drugs via aerosol to treat equine asthma. Aerosol therapy is clinically shown to be the best route of treatment for equine asthma, which is a lifelong condition. Flexineb offers an easy-to-use, efficient, and long-term cost-saving solution. The product has become a critical daily tool in the care and maintenance of healthy equine airways.

Before Flexineb, nebulization was considered a chore that veterinarians, owners, trainers, riders and grooms all considered ill recommended. It was cumbersome, slow, uncomfortable for the horse, and expensive. NORTEV, via its Flexineb product, has changed the landscape and outlook for nebulization as a key tool in the horse industry.

“The Irish equine industry, albeit very small compared to others, is considered a world leader in the production of both world-class horses and products,” said O’Sullivan. “The fact that the Irish equine industry is so well renowned, its reputation, and any company associated with it, proceeds it, and it has helped us expand our business greatly.”

In a relatively short time, NORTEV has become recognized as a global leader in equine nebulizer technologies and best practices. And with the extensive and essential equine and thoroughbred market in the U.S., it wasn’t long before NORTEV had forged strong relationships with breeders and equine customers in the United States.

“We started in Ireland, where we developed relationships with key participants. Once we had our product offering and commitment proved in Ireland, these Irish participants helped open doors abroad for us, enabling us to validate Flexineb for the U.S.,” said O’Sullivan. “We allow our distributors to service the U.S. market in terms of sales and customer service, but we manage the relationships ourselves. This approach was initiated during our 12 months of research, and has evolved into partnerships that are now maintained seamlessly through constant interaction.”

In addition to having a North American Regional Manager; a support team in Lexington, Kentucky, and a series of regular visits to the U.S., O’Sullivan explained that the company has worked diligently to implement two key aspects of their set-up in the U.S.:

  • NORTEV provides day-to-day support services for sales and customer support that is readily available to all clients.
  • Clients have direct access to NORTEV for any additional support, provided via the recently-released App.

“In the U.S, Wire2Wire and Jiffy Steamer Equine Division are our two on-the-ground distribution partners,” added O’Sullivan. “We are also very appreciative to the support from institutions such as Purdue University, Hagyard Equine Clinic, and Rood & Riddle Equine Hospital. Veterinary suppliers like Henry Schein and MWI, and retail outlet Big Dee’s have also been very supportive to NORTEV and Flexineb.”

For a closer look at the way the NORTEV Flexineb equine nebulizer is having a positive impact for trainers, breeders, and the thoroughbred industry, read this article from the Paulick Report on equine asthma care.

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