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KEENAN: A Vision for a Green Future

March 24 2021 No Comments

In an environmental context, farming is often defined by its contribution to harmful methane emissions. Not at KEENAN. This innovative Irish company believes a green future is one where agriculture will be a key part of the solution to the climate crisis. They are spearheading new agricultural technologies and promoting the adoption of improved farm management practices. As part of the Alltech Group, KEENAN subscribes to their parent company’s vision for a Planet of Plenty™. This mantra promotes partnerships throughout the global supply chain, empowering everyone to work together toward a more sustainable future.

How KEENAN is Creating a Greener Future

KEENAN’s innovative diet feeder technology is paving the way for farms of all sizes to become part of a circular economy as they maximize efficiency, eliminate waste, and significantly reduce emissions. Their mixer creates a balanced diet for farm animals, right on site. While mixing, the machine assesses the animal feed, sending real-time data to a group of off-site nutritionists who monitor the ingredients. If required, the team will contact the farmer directly by phone, text, or email to alert them of problems or recommended changes to their recipe, effectively optimizing herd nutrition.

There are many environmental benefits to this sort of precision. Firstly, KEENAN machines maintain feed consistency, resulting in higher rates of milk and meat production while using less product. Secondly, dietary efficiency helps animals to properly digest proteins, reducing the amount of nitrates and ammonia that end up in our water supply. Lastly, with KEENAN’s technology and nutritional support, farmers can use locally grown crops to create their own, finely tuned feed.

Bringing a Green Future into the Present

In 2019, the KEENAN MechFiber® diet feeder was validated by Carbon Trust as the first environmentally sustainable diet feeder in the world. Their machine uniquely combines state-of-the-art engineering with IoT technology to guarantee mix consistency and ensure precise nutritional results. It’s estimated that when an average herd receives a ration mixed by a KEENAN diet feeder, a reduction of 25% less methane emissions can occur.

KEENAN sells to large numbers of individual farmers, all with stories of reduced carbon footprints, thanks to their products.

KEENAN is transforming a global industry—and they aren’t finished innovating. Now that they’ve perfected animal nutrition, they’re turning their attention to automation. The agtech company is currently working to introduce on-farm robotics. They hope to improve safety and save time for farmers with a mixing solution that can self-load and self-feed; just another example of how technological advancements are the key to a more sustainable future.

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