Joulica: Using real-time analytics to improve global contact center customer experiences

December 12 2019 No Comments

Joulica is a data analytics company that has developed the first real-time solution for customer experience optimization. The company’s technology allows customers to harness data from a diverse range of customer interaction channels and merge this with CRM and enterprise data sources to orchestrate customer journeys and optimize customer experiences. Artificial Intelligence is utilized across the solution, including in conversation analytics and forecasts, and since insights are generated in real-time, they can be translated directly into action.

“We possess a unique blend of omni-channel contact center domain knowledge, high-performance cloud-native software development, and data analytics expertise,” said Tony McCormack, CEO, Joulica. “Cloud migration and analytics are the two hottest topics in the U.S. contact center market, and our capabilities allow us to offer significant value in these areas.”

Joulica was founded in Galway, Ireland, which is home to global R&D centers of excellence for the leading technology providers in the contact center market, including Genesys, Avaya, Cisco, and Aspect. This background provided Joulica with decades of experience solving the challenges facing some of the largest contact center operators in the world. The company has blended this experience with exceptional software development and data science talent from local universities and other industries to offer a unique portfolio of products and services.

“Ireland’s position as a global hub for communications and contact center research and development has been a major advantage for us,” said McCormack.

With a firm foundation in Ireland, Joulica has been expanding its global business and has developed relationships with many large clients in the United States.

“We have been fortunate to work with many U.S. clients, including multiple Fortune 500 customers,” said McCormack. “In all cases, our knowledge of the contact center domain and ability to provide cloud-native solutions have been central to our success. Particularly with migration projects, our ability to simplify and accelerate their migration from a complex, on premise system, to a cloud-based solution is very appealing.”

When asked why U.S. companies might choose an Irish company over other solution providers, McCormack explained that Joulica is uniquely able to provide flexible, real-time analytics solutions. Our start-up culture also allows us to offer a lot more flexibility to meet unique customer requirements as well as bringing fresh thinking to problems versus traditional vendors.

“Our initial engagements with our larger U.S. clients began as DevOps and cloud-native consultancy projects where we were able to add value immediately,” said McCormack. “Automating migration to the cloud and providing contact center context and analytics are the primary solutions we have provided.”

McCormack explained that for contact centers of any size, automating the complex shift from one technology provider to a cloud-based (private or public) delivers significant benefits. Joulica’s analytics solutions provide real-time insights that are critical to the day-to-day operation of the solution from an IT and business perspective.

“We’re proud to know that we have helped solve some of the most challenging operational problems involved in some of the world’s largest contact center transformation projects,” said McCormack.

The Joulica team recently attended Web Summit 2019 in Lisbon, where they showcased their real-time analytics solution. Web Summit brings together global business leaders with journalists to explore the current and next big developments in business technology.

“It was a great surprise to see the level of global interest and applications for our technology from outside the customer experience market,” said McCormack. “Particularly in IoT use cases where real-time data is the norm, as is the need to generate real-time actionable analytics. We look forward to building on this interest and enthusiasm as we continue to develop our global solutions.”

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