D4H pioneers life-saving solutions for rapid response teams around the world Tech

D4H, a pioneer of life-saving solutions for rapid response

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A quiet, isolated lighthouse on the northern edge of Dublin Bay might seem a world away from the threats of terrorism, industrial accidents, and severe weather, but it is here that one Irish tech company is transforming how emergency service providers face these risks and saves lives.

D4H Technologies has created a suite of market-leading software solutions which enhance the readiness, response and re-evaluation capabilities of a large roster of global clients and support over 70,000 users worldwide.

Police departments, coast guards, bomb squads, medical response teams, energy providers, transport companies, crisis communications teams in large corporations– D4H provides them and many more with the technology to better prevent, manage, prepare for, and analyze incidents.

Turning a Passion to Business

Founder Robin Blandford chose the 200-year-old Baily Lighthouse as D4H’s base because it serves as an everyday reminder of his company’s passion for public safety. He has been an Irish Coast Guard for more than 10 years at nearby Howth station. D4H evolved from a database that he developed for that station to look for patterns and trends in local incidents.

Blanford was just 24 when he quit his role in technology management to start D4H in 2008 with funding from Enterprise Ireland, the national export agency. However, he actively hires people who are engaged in emergency services.

“Slowly that transitioned into becoming a useful tool for managing the unit itself until I eventually gave up my regular job to focus on the software fulltime,” said Blanford. “Nearly all of our staff would have some sort of role in the emergency response services – on search and rescue teams and emergency management. It is a factor that we look for when we’re hiring. It gives them a passion for our market. I use our product with the Coast Guard and it gives me a very good understanding of the user and what they need.”

A Rapidly Changing Market

D4H offers emergency teams a suite of four specialized software solutions to manage personnel, equipment, incident management, and incident reporting.

“The Public Safety market is changing rapidly. The availability of chemicals, the availability of drones, the availability of information to make bombs; these threats are getting more and more advanced and complex – they are not basic threats any more”, said Blanford. “Dealing with these threats requires specialized teams with specialized equipment and specialized training, and that’s exactly who we serve.

D4H software helps track the training, qualifications, and availability of personnel and the equipment they use. The company’s incident management product enables effective response management to any type of emergency, and an incident reporting tool lets teams analyze and re-evaluate their performance and prove their value.

Contracts Based on Trust

Public safety is a risk-adverse industry by nature and D4H operates in a very niche market. Contracts are secured on the back of relationships and a sense of trust that is developed over time. Most customers initially opt for just one of D4H’s software solutions before graduating to the others. Growth has been steady throughout the company’s 10 years in business.

“About 80 percent of our customers are in North America. We supply police, fire, SWAT, chemical response teams, bomb squads, disaster response, medical response, search and rescue teams, and others throughout Canada and east coast United States,” said Blanford. “We’ve done the Boston Marathon for the last two years, assisted with software for that. We’re also working with a number of cities on the west coast. A lot of the firefighters tackling wildfires there recently would be tracked using our system with regards to training and their equipment readiness.”

Blanford added that another growth area is in corporate organizations. Emergency events hurt companies as they need to shut down offices, affecting their business. D4H has seen a big uptake recently in very large companies interested in their emergency and response readiness systems.

Maintaining An Advantage

D4H has a significant technology advantage that the company works hard to maintain.

“Fifty percent of our staff are engineering and we’re still small and flexible enough to be tracking what’s going on. Our competitors are quite old school and we’re innovating a lot faster than them,” said Blanford. “Each individual product does have a competitor but there’s no one else who does the full suite of software products that we do. Each piece of software supports you individually but the data also talks across the suite and that is a massive benefit and selling point.”

The fact that D4H is a company with a passion for its product is also not lost on its customers.

“Our base in the lighthouse is very much a symbol for us. Our customers love visiting us if they’re in Ireland on holiday – it’s their first stop from the airport – and while we’ll need room to expand, we’ll also try to retain an office here.”

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