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Agrispread brings technology to farm machinery

June 27 2019 No Comments

Agrispread International manufactures multipurpose fertilizer, lime, manure and bulk product trailed spreaders. Bringing technology into farming, it has launched the GPS Section Control Spreader. The new purpose-built spreader allows for even distribution and precise application rates of fertilizer, lime and bulk products. The company, which was founded in 2006, ensures that there is a uniform application of exact target amounts of product, which will result in reduced input costs, increased yields, as well as minimizing crop damage and environmental impacts.

With more than 50 years of experience, the company operates from a purpose-built factory that boasts the latest in cutting, bending, welding and spraying technology. It has grown in strength in its Irish home market and now holds a significant market share of the global spreader category.

The GPS Section Control Spreader system enables potential savings of between 5-20% depending on the field size, shape, and obstacles. The system will eliminate spreading outside field boundaries, saving both fertilizer and overall input costs per acre. Variable rate application and auto shut-off spreading are also possible with the section control spreader.


Agrispread International won several awards at Ireland’s National Ploughing Championships 2018 – ‘The Best Established Company’ and ‘Best Innovation’ awards, including the prestigious ‘Machine of the Year 2018’ award.

A uniform spread pattern across a crop avoids both under- and over-application, helping to increase average yields; a record of the fertilizer/product application rate is logged, stored for full traceability and farm regulatory compliance. The new Section Control GPS system is available on a range of Agrispread models, from its 6-tonne to 25-tonne single or tandem axle spreaders.

Agrispread mobile apps

The Agrispread International App is designed to help users in the initial start-up, day-to-day use, and maintenance of their products. From spare part manuals to rate calculations, the app covers a range of customer requirements for safe machinery operation.

Exporting abroad

Agrispread’s products are exported around the world, with a strong presence in Australia, Canada, Netherlands, New Zealand, South Africa, UK, and USA. With two dedicated and experienced importers in the UK, Agrispread works closely with Dales Agri Sales Agency, fertilizer, and lime spreaders as well as PK Sales, who offers rear discharge manure/muck & compost spreaders.

Agrispread International aims to continue to lead the way in fertilizer, lime, manure, and bulk products spreading sectors by constantly enhancing the product offering, technical innovations, precision application, quality products while increasing home and export sales and adding new markets for its products. Agrispread has big ambitions. Its app is ever evolving and will soon be available in a newer version with a database of fertilizers, settings,
and features.

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