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Spearline and RelateCare partner in delivering quality patient care

Spearline is delighted to announce its recent partnership with Irish-American healthcare communications firm RelateCare. RelateCare provides the very best in patient access, telehealth, contact center, and outsourcing solutions to healthcare organizations around the world. During a time when healthcare is seen as more important than ever before, RelateCare has seen exceptional growth as they continue to help guide customers through these unprecedented times. The company provides essential services to healthcare organizations throughout the US and Ireland.

RelateCare will now use Spearline Voice Assure In-Country across a number of their business processes to provide an elevated patient experience, ensuring the highest quality communications channels are available to support patient conversations 24/7.

Spearline believes that the voice quality and telecommunications service up-time are essential and works with companies to ensure that their numbers are operating efficiently and providing the highest audio quality. RelateCare’s belief in providing excellent customer experience especially during challenging times is directly aligned with Spearline’s vision.

Speaking about the partnership, Spearline CEO, Kevin Buckley said, “RelateCare has a strong, established record of providing their customers with high-quality communications services. We are delighted to be a part of their toolset and to help the enhancement of their services.”

RelateCare CEO, Conor O’Byrne detailed how testing with Spearline will help RelateCare to proactively monitor its internal and external communications. “We help patients access the care that they need when they need it and Spearline’s capabilities are instrumental and ensuring we can do this through our centralized support and telehealth centers.”

RelateCare has seen demand for ‘healthcare at a distance’ grow rapidly during recent months. Conor O’Byrne continued to detail how their infrastructure provides the latest feature-sets for callers, “We utilize the latest unified communications and contact center solutions to ensure that our customers are able to contact the correct agent or nurse at all times through their preferred communication method.”

Many organizations view their contact centers as a cost center, however RelateCare takes a different view. They offer consultancy services for healthcare organizations which are instrumental in transforming contact centers into value-added revenue generators. Both companies offer a 24/7 service to ensure that they provide around-the-clock support and advice for all customers or interested parties.

RelateCare and Spearline are uniquely positioned to ensure that customers across the US and Ireland are provided with the very best in patient care and communications. Both companies are supported by Enterprise Ireland and are eager to continue to provide unique and innovative solutions to address future challenges as and when they arise.

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