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Spearline and Avaya partner to optimize global connectivity for cloud collaboration apps

Spearline and U.S. based Avaya have announced a partnership, which will maximize connectivity and connection quality supporting Avaya OneCloud video and collaboration apps, providing an exceptional user experience with better audio and video.

Enterprise Ireland- supported Spearline is a technology company that proactively monitors toll and toll-free numbers for audio quality and connectivity globally. The Spearline Platform enables enterprises and telecommunications service providers to test connectivity and audio quality on global telecoms networks, testing automatically at volume. Working with large enterprises across diverse sectors, Spearline has conducted millions of test calls worldwide, resulting in billions of data points.

Speaking about the partnership between Spearline and Avaya, Matthew Lawlor, Co-Founder and Chief Technical Officer (CTO) at Spearline said, “Avaya prides itself on providing businesses with innovative cloud-based applications that support collaboration and engagement with their customers and employees. Connection issues can severely impact interactions in contact center and remote working situations to the extent that not all calls may connect. By partnering with Spearline, Avaya has the tools to monitor their telecoms infrastructure both inside and outside of their network to help ensure call quality and connectivity, leading to positive customer and employee engagement.”

Powered by automation and layered innovation, Avaya OneCloud connects businesses, their customers, and their employees with everything they need, at the speed they need it.

Speaking about the partnership, Mehdi Nezarati, VP Cloud Operations and Platform at Avaya said, “Avaya OneCloud is a multi-cloud application ecosystem that enables organizations to deliver experiences that matter. Our telecoms infrastructure is critical to customer engagement capabilities for our collaboration solutions, and working with Spearline has helped increase visibility into the health of toll-free standard and conference numbers, allowing our users to seamlessly connect with their customers and employees.”

Spearline continues to grow and develop the company through its product, team, and customer base. Regular innovations in line with customer requirements are at the core of Spearline.

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