Run Angel. Picture: Miki Barlok.

Run Angel makes Global Running Day safer with wearable alarm device, now available in the US

Irish start-up company, Run Angel, is celebrating Global Running Day by encouraging everyone to Run Safe and Run Loud. The Run Angel compact wrist-worn alarm is designed to attract attention in an emergency such as a personal attack or in the event of an injury.

The Run Angel device has a high-pitched 120-decibel alarm — the loudest wearable of its kind — which can be activated by a button. Its companion app allows iOS and Android users to set up an alert network with family and friends, who will be notified by SMS and email if the alarm is activated with information on the date, time and location of the wearer.

Established in 2013, Run Angel is the brainchild of husband and wife, Ellen and David Caren. In addition to running enthusiasts, the Carens hope the $99 device will also appeal to other groups, including students, parents and overseas travelers.

“Jogging and running are such huge pastimes in the US, and we understand the importance of comfort and safety for our users,” said Ellen Caren, Co-founder at Run Angel. “We’re very excited to partner with Best Buy and make our device available to customers in the United States”.

Run Angel’s wearable alarm was recently selected for Best Buy’s “Ignite Program”, which showcases promising products from start-up companies around the world online and in their Silicon Valley store in San Francisco.

“The BestBuy listing is a huge opportunity for Run Angel,” said Sean Davis, Regional Director of North America, at Enterprise Ireland. “We are very pleased to support effective scaling of innovative Irish companies in new territories. This listing presents an exciting opportunity for growth, and Enterprise Ireland will continue to support Run Angel’s expansion in the US and globally, and to bring visibility to Global Running Day with their Run Safe/Run Loud message”.


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