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PulseLearning: I Am Here

PulseLearning is a world-class, award-winning team of experts providing learning solutions to clients globally across all sectors including technology, science, healthcare, pharma, finance, retail, hospitality, automotive, defense, and education.

In 2019 PulseLearning launched I Am Here, an award-winning, evidence-based Mental Health, and Wellbeing solution focused on the workplace. I Am Here is the fastest-growing Mental Health and Wellbeing solution in the world and has been launched to over 350,000 people across the globe. PulseLearning recognizes that people want to compassionately connect with their fellow team members and signpost them to the help or support they may need.

“Enterprise Ireland is proud to support PulseLearning. PulseLearning is well known for their innovative, customized e-learning solutions which have brought them great success across the world, so it’s very exciting to see that they are now using this expertise to teach employees across all industries how to support and care for one another’s mental health and wellbeing,” said Brendan Kelly, Enterprise Ireland Trade Development Executive.

During these unprecedented times, PulseLearning is using its platform to support organizations, team members, and families. They are therefore offering I Am Here: Rapid Response at no charge. Licensing and all other fees related to the offer will remain free until September 30, 2020. There is no obligation to continue after that date.

“Strong mental health practices are more important than ever during the COVID-19 pandemic, and I feel PulseLearning’s evidence-based Mental Health and Wellbeing solution for the workplace, ‘I Am Here,’ could be a very useful tool to keep employees connected with one another during this challenging period of time,” said Kelly.

I Am Here: Rapid Response is a continuous learning and support program consisting of three core elements, namely, online courseware, ongoing support, with optional complimentary hosting through PulseLearning’s LMS.

PulseLearning has independently verified data to prove that I Am Here is positively disrupting workplace culture by increasing the utilization of help and support. I Am Here results in an increase in usage of Employee Assistance Programs and a significant, sustained reduction in sick days and workers’ compensation claims for clients.

PulseLearning invites everyone to join in creating workplace cultures where it’s ok not to feel ok, and it’s absolutely ok to ask for help.

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