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Oneview Healthcare Launches First Cloud-based Care Experience Platform

Enterprise Ireland-supported, Oneview Healthcare has partnered with leading healthcare systems around the world providing digital tools for patients, families, and caregivers to improve the care experience. Unifying a facility’s systems, content, and services into one digital platform with dedicated devices at the point of care, Oneview helps deliver more control for patients and families, more time for care teams, and less complexity for executives and IT teams. 

Oneview has recently announced the launch of CXP Cloud Enterprise for enhancing the patient care experience within health systems. Deployed on Microsoft Azure with Samsung tablets, this cloud-based platform helps health systems quickly adopt technology for engaging patients, reducing non-clinical demands on care teams, and optimizing clinical and operational effectiveness.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, care teams have been under intense pressure while staff and patients have restricted access to family and friends. CXP Cloud Enterprise gives patients and their families the ability to communicate virtually with healthcare teams, along with access to education and health information. Oneview enables care teams to provide patients with access to unified information and applications on secure bedside devices that can drive more meaningful engagement, improved satisfaction, and better-quality outcomes. 

“NYU Langone Health is committed to delivering the best possible care experience for our patients, including through virtual care,” said Nader Mherabi, Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer for NYU Langone Health. “COVID-19 strained resources and challenged most hospitals to examine how virtual pathways can enhance patient care. Oneview helped us build an in-patient virtual care platform, which has been instrumental during the pandemic and will continue to be key as we deliver a new level of patient engagement.”  

NYU Langone Health initially implemented Oneview’s interactive patient engagement platform in 2017. Faced with the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic in the spring of 2020, NYU Langone challenged Oneview to help roll out the virtual engagement platform rapidly across their facilities. Together, the organizations collaborated on the initial cloud-based version that enabled NYU Langone to implement key capabilities across 400 beds in weeks. Today’s introduction of CXP Cloud Enterprise delivers the full functionality and integration capabilities of the care experience platform in a faster, easier, more affordable cloud model.   

Oneview’s CXP Cloud Enterprise provides full functionality on a secure, reliable cloud deployment with patient education, meal ordering, patient service requests, apps, and digital services, virtual rounding, visitation, and translation services. This comprehensive platform provides better control and quality of care for both patients and care providers. 

“Connecting patients with their families and care teams is at the heart of our mission,” said James Fitter, Chief Executive Officer for Oneview. “NYU Langone recognized that core value early and worked to address it. Being the first and only cloud-based care experience solution means health systems can rapidly implement the capabilities that meet their needs today while providing the agility, scalability, and investment protection to grow as their health system changes. We are excited to know that CXP Cloud Enterprise will transform the hospital experience for patients, families, and care teams.”

“The need for accelerated solution development and implementation in healthcare has never been more important,” said Niall McDonagh, health sector director, Microsoft. “Microsoft Azure helps healthcare organizations scale into a fully integrated patient experience that is dynamic, flexible, comprehensive, and diverse.”

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