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Nexalus, Cork-founded Tech Company Finalizes Deal with Dell Technologies

A Cork, Ireland-born tech company has recently signed a deal with Dell Technologies. The Enterprise Ireland-backed company, Nexalus, specializes in technology that sustainably cool electronics. Founded in 2018 by Kenneth O’Mahony, Dr. Cathal Wilson, and Trinity professor Dr. Anthony Robinson, Nexalus prioritizes performance and profit while still centering its work around the impact on the planet. 

Nexalus is headquartered in Cork with two R&D centers at Trinity College Dublin, and Nexalus Labs at Mergon International, Westmeath. This new deal will integrate custom Nexalus cooling tech in equipment across the Dell range, including desktops, servers, and the Dell EMC PowerEdge servers and OptiPlex workstations.

According to Nexalus CEO, Kenneth O’Mahony, “A key goal is to enable industries to reach and exceed both their economic and environmental targets simultaneously – turning heavy electrical energy users into organizations which have the ability to generate clean energy. This is achieved with a zero-compromise approach to performance.” Their technology provides efficiency in cooling, reducing the energy need of the system, while also offering the ability for heat recovery by harnessing thermodynamics with thermal-fluid science.

Energy usage is one of many relevant discussions relating to sustainability in the technology sector. O’Mahony highlights how Nexalus’ sustainable efforts address more than just energy usage. “While energy is a hot topic at the moment, we have not overlooked potential drains on other natural resources. Our solutions operate a one-time-fill closed-loop system which requires no ongoing water resources – an issue especially relevant in larger data center operations.”

This deal now enables Dell to offer devices that will reuse energy, meaning that customers will be able to purchase a variety of Dell products with custom Nexalus cooling systems. Dell’s market services range from Retail to Defense, Automotive, and Healthcare, demonstrating just how much of an impact this new technology will have on a global scale. 

Though Nexalus is only a five-year-old company, Enterprise Ireland is proud to back a company with such a large sustainable impact. This deal with Dell presents the opportunity for this innovative technology to create an impact beyond its roots in Cork, and change the way electronics use energy globally.

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