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October 31 2022

Industry Insights: Daon

Daon is a leader in Biometric authentication, and their Irish technology is at the edge of innovation. To gain insights into the industry and how they are transforming it, we…
Talent Management
March 2 2022

Enterprise Ireland Brings Thriving Irish Tech to South By Southwest

For over 30 years, South By Southwest has celebrated the best in film, technology, interactive media, and music with thousands of speakers, conferencing sessions, and attendees. This year, SXSW will…
March 11 2021

The PrivacyEngine SaaS platform is at the forefront of managing data privacy, protection and compliance

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), enacted mid-2018 by the European Union, has dramatically reshaped the way data is handled across every sector, and not just in the EU.…
November 12 2020

Siren: Leading the way in investigative intelligence technology

Galway-based Siren has developed a market-leading investigative intelligence technology that is shaping the future direction of law enforcement, cybersecurity, and financial fraud detection. The Siren platform enables large-scale interconnected data…
October 29 2020

Cybersecurity experts discuss company misconception of the cloud and more in roundtable discussion

Industry experts from TikTok, Microsoft, and more talk about the latest trends on cybersecurity & public policy Enterprise Ireland hosted a virtual Cyber Security & Public Policy panel discussion with…
September 17 2020

In Ireland cybersecurity takes center stage

Why Irish cyber start-ups are best placed to respond to the new and challenging environment 2020 has presented enormous challenges for organizations. For the cybersecurity sector, it has given rise to…
April 2 2020

Protecting remote workforces: Tips from five notable Irish cybersecurity firms

One of the most immediate consequences of Covid-19 has been the rapid global shift towards working from home where possible. This move to digital remote working gives rise to countless…