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High Tech Construction
March 8 2018

Five Data Centres at the Forefront of Sustainability

For those involved in the build of data centres, sustainability is a key concern for meeting the needs of today's client. There are rarely any surprises when it comes to…
High Tech Construction
March 7 2018

The Impact of IoT on the Data Centre Sector

There is little argument that the Internet of Things (IoT) will have a massive impact on the data centre industry. The volume of data that will travel around the world…
March 6 2018

Ontario College of Pharmacists selects Pharmapod for Error Reporting System

Irish company Pharmapod has been selected by the Ontario College of Pharmacists to implement a medication error reporting system and standardized approach to continuous quality assurance in pharmacies throughout the province.…
March 5 2018

Why collaboration may be the future of fintech

The future of fintech isn’t a “them or us” contest against banks but a mutually beneficial collaboration, according to a panel of international experts in Dublin last month. Brought together…
March 3 2018

Focusing on Ireland’s Thriving Medtech Industry

Sheila O’Loughlin, a Senior Market Advisor at Enterprise Ireland, describes how Ireland has emerged as one of the world’s leading Medtech hubs. Over the last twenty years, Ireland’s Medtech industry has…
February 23 2018

Meditec Medical Signs with Boston Children’s Hospital

At the Enterprise Ireland Med in Ireland 2017 conference, Meditec Medical announced that it has successfully won a significant contract with the Boston Children’s Hospital to manufacture and supply their…
High Tech Construction Multi-partner integration: Best practices in data centre construction projects
February 12 2018

Leveraging Best Practices in Data Center Construction Projects

Best practice in the management of data center construction can be summarized as enabling the process and the relationships that best deliver the outcome specified by design. Research conducted among…
February 11 2018

Northwell Health – challenging the status quo with Irish Medtech innovation

The largest healthcare provider in New York State, Northwell Health, is benefiting from solutions Irish companies deliver to enhance customer experience and improve efficiency and productivity, thanks to a partnership…
High Tech Construction
February 3 2018

Five Legal Issues to Consider Before Starting a Data Centre Construction Project

Data centres are mission-critical buildings and all stages of their lives are marked by careful assessment and prevention (or reduction) of risk. Therefore, any decision at the stages of siting,…
January 12 2018

Northwell Health: Challenging the Status Quo with Irish Medtech Innovation

The largest healthcare provider in New York State, Northwell Health, is benefitting from solutions that Irish companies deliver to enhance the customer experience and improve efficiency and productivity, thanks to…
July 25 2017

Stability, compliance and a global mindset create trust for customers

The Irish Government has clearly stated its intention to remain a fully committed member of the EU. In fact, Irish people are the most optimistic among member states about the…
July 25 2017

Europe’s most innovative SMEs deliver competitive advantage for customers

Innovation is a key source of competitive advantage and again, Irish companies have a leading position worldwide with the European Commission’s 2017 Innovation Scorecard ranking Irish SMEs number one for…