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November 29 2022

Irish IoT Company Releases New Line of Magnetics Products

Taoglas is a leading provider of advanced technology for a smarter world. They are supported by Enterprise Ireland and are currently operating in San Diego, CA. They have recently launched…
Talent Management
March 2 2022

Enterprise Ireland Brings Thriving Irish Tech to South By Southwest

For over 30 years, South By Southwest has celebrated the best in film, technology, interactive media, and music with thousands of speakers, conferencing sessions, and attendees. This year, SXSW will…
May 6 2021

Market Insights from Hamilton Beach Brands: The Evolution of Consumer-Focused IoT technology, and How Irish Innovation is Helping Bring it All Home

Innovative Irish companies are delivering solutions for every facet of the Internet of Things. Deep expertise in 4G and 5G networks means that Irish companies enable some of the world’s…
April 14 2021

The Irish companies at the beating heart of ‘the internet of me’

By Lane Patterson, Senior VP of Telecommunications and IoT at Enterprise Ireland As access to more bandwidth enables our world to become even more connected, the question is not “What…
January 27 2021

How Partnerships with Irish Companies Accelerate Texas’s Growth

This article was originally published on LinkedIn by Michael Morgenstern, Enterprise Ireland Senior Vice President.  In 2020, Site Selection magazine named Texas the top state for infrastructure and investment potential,…
February 1 2019

Leading and learning: Sara Hill on differentiating for success in the U.S.

By Sarah Hill, Senior Vice President, Advanced Technologies, US, Enterprise Ireland What defines companies that thrive when expanding to new markets? The key lies in communicating a product’s differentiation and…
IoT Firmwave
January 16 2019

Firmwave launches IoT end-to-end security testing (EST) framework

Companies that develop IoT connected products often do not have sufficient internal resources to properly design for complete security from sensors to the cloud. This typically involves implementing a methodology…
IoT Irish Advantage CES
January 8 2019

An innovative Irish tech presence at CES 2019

CES is recognized as the world's gathering place for all who thrive on the business of consumer technologies. The show has served as a proving ground for innovators and breakthrough…
Tech Ryan Shaughnessy on how he helps US companies source innovative solutions for their challenges
November 6 2018

Helping US companies source innovative solutions for their challenges

We spoke recently with Chicago-based Ryan Shaughnessy, an Enterprise Ireland Market Advisor for the industrial technology sector, to ask about his work in helping US companies source innovative Irish  business…
IoT Smart manufacturing revolution overcomes challenges in the age of IIoT
October 30 2018

Smart manufacturing overcomes challenges in the age of industrial IoT

We are now on the cusp of the fourth industrial revolution. The arrival of Industry 4.0, will likely bring about changes every bit as profound for economies and society as…
September 11 2018

Irish firms advance smart connectivity at Mobile World Congress America

As mobile technology becomes the central element of connected commercial and consumer industries from automotive to smart home to digital health, Irish firms are building ground-breaking new technologies and partnering…
July 3 2018

Irish companies: playing a leading role in developing IoT technologies

by Robert Bushnell, senior development advisor in digital technologies at Enterprise Ireland. Due to the impact of an exceptionally strong group of dynamic companies with expertise in the key core…