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High Tech Construction
May 8 2020

Hanley Energy Grows Hyperscale Business in North America

Hanley Energy, an Irish based globally recognized innovator in critical power management solutions for data centers, is expanding its North American business in the market through successful deployments with hyperscale…
High Tech Construction Hyperscale: the future of the data centre
March 7 2019

Hyperscale: the future of the data center

Outsourcing and a move towards the cloud are driving the growth of the hyperscale data center. Two major trends are shaping the global data center landscape. The first is outsourcing or…
High Tech Construction
July 26 2018

2018: the year of the data center

John Hunt, Senior Market Adviser for the Construction Sector at Enterprise Ireland, describes the top trends that will shape the data center sector in 2018. In an ever-evolving digital world,…
High Tech Construction
July 17 2018

What investors look for from Data Center returns

The strategies behind data center investment reflect overall best practice in investment, which is to balance risk against return in the context of specific requirements of time and outlay. There…
High Tech Construction
June 19 2018

The Impact of BIM, and Why the Future of Construction is Digital

With Building Information Modelling technology offering significant reductions in project costs and delivery times, Enterprise Ireland, the national export agency, is supporting its adoption.   The construction industry has never been slow…
High Tech Construction
March 14 2018

Planning for change in data center project management

The project manager is seen as critical to the most effective process of data center delivery. Of all the job functions in the construction phase, it is seen as the…
High Tech Construction
March 8 2018

Five Data Centres at the Forefront of Sustainability

For those involved in the build of data centres, sustainability is a key concern for meeting the needs of today's client. There are rarely any surprises when it comes to…
High Tech Construction
March 7 2018

The Impact of IoT on the Data Centre Sector

There is little argument that the Internet of Things (IoT) will have a massive impact on the data centre industry. The volume of data that will travel around the world…
High Tech Construction Multi-partner integration: Best practices in data centre construction projects
February 12 2018

Leveraging Best Practices in Data Center Construction Projects

Best practice in the management of data center construction can be summarized as enabling the process and the relationships that best deliver the outcome specified by design. Research conducted among…
High Tech Construction
February 3 2018

Five Legal Issues to Consider Before Starting a Data Centre Construction Project

Data centres are mission-critical buildings and all stages of their lives are marked by careful assessment and prevention (or reduction) of risk. Therefore, any decision at the stages of siting,…