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Cleantech Ocean Energy and Vigor partner in building the OE Buoy Wave Convertor (marine hydrokinetic convertor) for US Navy Wave Energy Test Site in Hawaii
October 2 2018

Ocean Energy harnesses ocean waves to power up big data centers

Irish marine innovation combined with US engineering is taking shape in an Oregon shipyard, where shipbuilder Vigor is constructing a marine hydrokinetic converter called the OE Buoy for US and Irish based…
August 2 2018

How Irish companies are helping keep wastewater “green”

For Liam Curran, senior technologist at Enterprise Ireland, and his team, the need to reduce energy usage is of paramount importance. “The production of potable water and the treatment of wastewater…
March 12 2018

Irish energy pioneer partners with Oregon shipbuilder to deploy converters for US Navy site in Hawaii

Irish company Ocean Energy has announced that its pioneering wave energy convertor “OE Buoy” will be built by Oregon-based Vigor and deployed at the US Navy’s Wave Energy Test Site…