No. 1 Medtech Employer

Per capita in Europe

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Medtech companies

2nd Largest

Exporter of medical products in the EU

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Ireland's Medtech Industry

Recognised internationally as one of the world’s most innovative, integrated and globalised.

With a uniquely collaborative ecosystem that spans global multinationals, start-ups, university researchers and government-supported R&D centres, Irish exporters deliver an unparalleled innovation advantage to their customers.

Continually looking to the future, a new generation of medical device, diagnostic and digital health companies are pioneering design-led biomedical thinking to meet their customers’ evolving needs. Underpinning the medical technology industry, an established and lean Irish sub-supply sector and supply chain is capably servicing the exacting requirements of market leaders globally.

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HealthBeacon tackles medication non-adherence with world’s first smart sharps bin

Digital therapeutics company HealthBeacon has developed a smart sharps bin for use by patients who self-inject at home, which is driving double-digit improvements in adherence to medication schedules among thousands of patients….


Aalto Bio: Testing triumphs from Ireland to the tropics

When patients around the world are being tested for tropical diseases such as the Zika virus, dengue fever or yellow fever, it is highly likely that the diagnostic kit will…

Novaerus uses power of plasma to improve air quality and patient outcomes

Novaerus, using the power of plasma to improve hospital air quality, patient outcomes

The average human today spends a huge 80- to 95-percent of their time indoors. We have become an indoor generation and, for the most part, the air that we breathe…

Irish Medtech Strengths

Experts in Compliance

Irish Medtech companies have a proven track record in understanding the complexities of regulations facing the healthcare industry and continuously delivering compliance. This is because Irish companies have grown alongside multinationals, which have maintained a substantial presence in the country over the past 25 years.

Innovators in Medtech

Irish Medtech companies are highly focused on using innovation to help customers in the healthcare sector to achieve their goals in the face of global challenges. This can be anything from the need to extend their product range to maximising cost efficiency.

Globally Focused Mindset

As Ireland is a small, open economy, Irish Medtech companies have always been global in their outlook, which has been a key driver of the growth of the sector from a total of 50 to 300 companies over the past 25 years.

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What's new in Medtech

June 13 2019

Aalto Bio Reagents launches world’s first commercially available Venezuela Equine Encephalitis Virus (VEEV) protein

Aalto Bio Reagents was the first to market monoclonal antibodies for new emerging viruses,  for example dengue, chikungunya, and zika. Now, on the occasion of the 11th International Global Virus…
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June 6 2019

S3 Connected Health expands global reach to US, names new Director of Digital Therapy

In keeping with the company's strong growth, S3 Connected Health, a leading firm providing digital therapy management and connected medical solutions, has expanded its Boston office to service its expanding…
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