Leading Irish MedTech Companies Make Boston Home

Boston’s elevation to one of the key U.S. centers for innovation and entrepreneurship has achieved a new international dimension with the addition of several Irish MedTech companies that now operate in Massachusetts. Supported by Enterprise Ireland, the Irish government agency for the advancement of international business by Irish firms, five Irish MedTech companies now have U.S. operations out of Boston adding jobs, investments, and ideas to the city’s already thriving tech ecosystem.

“We are very proud that our Irish companies in Boston are a part of the impact and great contribution of medical technology to the United States,” said Jennie Lynch, Vice President of Life Sciences, Enterprise Ireland. “These companies have developed incredible technologies and solutions that help organizations within the healthcare industry and patients globally.”

Below are some of the top Irish based MedTech companies in Boston.

NovaLeah provides medical device manufacturers with efficient technology solutions for implementing and maintaining cybersecurity across medical device product portfolios. Its technology continues to be adopted by top medical device companies.

HealthBeacon develops smart technologies to support patients through their journey of care by helping them manage medications by providing digital schedules and customized reminders.

Applied Process (APC) provides key processing information to accelerate the development of quality life-changing medicines to patients. APC utilizes its state-of-the-art technology platforms across chemical and biological molecules to reduce the time, cost and risk of launching a medication.

Nuritas, a unique discovery platform, aims to tackle the health challenges facing the world and improve the lives of people around the globe through targeting, predicting, and unlocking the health benefits of naturally occurring Bioactive Peptides.

SilverCloud Health delivers an accessible, scalable, digital behavioral healthcare platform for over 250 customer organizations as well as for many individuals who use its programs.

All of these Enterprise Ireland supported companies continue to make a big impact, adding jobs and providing innovative solutions and technologies in the Boston area.

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