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Irish technology firms working to help healthcare providers deal with the global coronavirus emergency

Health organizations around the globe are sharply focused on developing tools for minimizing the coronavirus pandemic.

Irish companies are well positioned to provide the solutions that healthcare providers need, and new developments are rapidly emerging from Ireland—one of the leading medtech hubs in the world—and are being used to help stem the advance of the virus.

“Right now, innovative solutions in healthcare are required more than they ever have been before. Ireland is recognized as one of the most innovative countries globally and this is partly due to the great work of these Enterprise Ireland supported companies,” said Amy Robinson, Enterprise Ireland Trade Development Executive. “With the recent shift toward a digital transformation in health, I have no doubt that these Irish companies can play a significant role in helping healthcare systems overcome this global challenge.”

By offering solutions ranging from managing chronic diseases to treating and monitoring respiratory health, to offering technologies that help limit the amount of in-person contact within hospital systems, Irish innovation is working to combat Covid-19.

Respiratory Technologies

PMD Solutions has developed the world’s first purpose-designed respiratory monitoring sensor delivering consistent and reliable results. Their solution improves patient safety by effectively enabling the detection of respiratory compromise.

Chronic Disease Management

PatientMpower provides the tools for lung patients to be followed remotely, with integrated spirometry, oximetry, PROs & medication management. Remote monitoring enables clinicians to provide continued high-quality care to vulnerable patients without the need for hospital visits during the COVID-19 crisis. 


RelateCare is a healthcare communications consultancy and outsourcing organization that provides patient access and patient engagement solutions to leading healthcare organizations around the world. Over the past number of weeks, RelateCare’s teams of Registered Nurses and Patient Service Representatives have been managing Covid-19 helplines and triage phone calls.

Going Virtual

SilverCloud Health provides accessible, scalable, digital behavioral healthcare. SilverCloud enables healthcare organizations to deliver clinically proven, evidenced-based digital content, programs, and support within the area of mental health and long term/chronic illness care and general wellbeing.

Salaso produces custom-made solutions for online care in physical rehabilitation and wellness. Healthcare providers use the care management platform & mobile apps to help patients convert prescribed exercise routines into daily habits, boosting engagement & recovery from injury and support the management of pain and musculoskeletal conditions.

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