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Irish TalentTech firms are re-defining employee/employer interactions to meet the industry’s quickly evolving challenges

By Jessica Baker, Vice President, Digital Technologies, Enterprise Ireland

In addition to all the many lessons learned and adjustments brought by the pandemic, employee expectations have changed dramatically. After nearly 18 months of working remotely, employees are expecting more and more technology-driven initiatives from their employers, especially initiatives around how they stay connected, engaged, informed, and collaborate with others.

For many, the COVID experience fractured the traditional commuting, cubical-based, 9-to-5 workday model. And for employees and employers alike, the more connected, flexible, and somewhat less structured approach brought an increase in employee work/life balance, or as I like to refer to it “work/life blend”, resulting in heightened creativity, problem-solving, and more personal investment in the organization’s success.

In addition to significant shifts in how we all think about workplace connectivity, many communities have experienced a great deal of social growth over the last couple of years, so much so that current and potential employees now expect to come into organizations where diversity and inclusion are key topics and initiatives.

In this period of dynamic change, HR professionals around the globe are striving to keep up with evolving employee expectations, new labor regulations, and quickly advancing HR technologies. Fortunately, there is a new generation of TalentTech solutions that can provide flexible, cost-effective, easy-to-use platforms that are secure and convenient for employers and employees alike.

Irish companies have shown great strengths in all emerging TalentTech trends. From attracting, acquiring, and developing new talent, to enhancing employee engagement and communications, to helping assure regulatory compliance and best practices across multiple regions and evolving landscapes, Irish solutions firms are helping advance the industry’s technologies. 

Today, there is a large cluster of up-and-coming HR and TalentTech companies coming out of Ireland that are honing in on retaining current employees, making employees feel connected to their place of work, performance management, learning and development, and diversity and inclusion. 

Additionally, Irish companies have a particular strength in relation to American companies regarding GDPR and online regulations. As an embedded part of the European market, Irish companies are well-versed in meeting privacy regulations and protecting employee information.

As employees begin to expect as much from their organization as their organization expects from them, the solutions that Irish companies are bringing to the table are poised to make that expectation a reality. Here are just a few Irish firms rising to meet today’s new challenges:

  • WorkHuman is on a mission to make work more human for millions of people and organizations worldwide. Through its WorkHuman cloud suite of products, companies can strengthen employee performance and connect people and teams on a more positive, emotional level – in tune with how work gets done.
  • Workvivo is a communication platform designed to engage employees. The company’s desktop and mobile app provide a social experience that creates a true sense of community, culture alignment, and employee recognition.
  • Inclusio is a technology start-up based within Dublin City University that has developed a software platform combining technology, behavioral science, and psychology, that enables organizations to adopt a data-driven approach to transform their company culture from the inside out.
  • HireUp is a pay-as-you-go employee referral platform that provides the flexibility to source great-quality candidates without the need for lengthy contracts, monthly subscriptions, and complex project planning.
  • vsource is the leading talent sourcing solutions provider for organizations facing complex hiring challenges, enabling them to transform their sourcing function and develop a more adaptive, effective and less biased hiring process.
  • Social Talent is the world’s leading e-learning platform, dedicated to improving the hiring process by providing everyone in the hiring process with the skills they need to find, hire and develop great talent.
  • Swyg helps make talent visible through recommendations from peers. With the Swyg platform, candidates recommend other candidates after a short but highly structured interview. This makes recommendations reliable and auditable.
  • Frankli is an employee engagement and performance management platform helping organizations connect their people to the company and to the strategy to engage and grow high-performing teams from anywhere.
  • Jobbio gives job seekers the power to build dynamic biographies to showcase who they are and what they can do. From start-ups to some of the world’s largest enterprises, more than 6,000 companies currently hire through Jobbio.

The growing need to manage a more widespread workforce is driving TalentTech solution development demand worldwide. Post-COVID, the importance of the HR/Talent teams was driven home, and investments in technology to enable faster and more strategic people-focused decisions are increasing as we begin to see budgets for HR/Talent departments increase as well.

In the past months as we’ve seen hiring ramp up and the unemployment rate decline we’ve also seen an increased need for automated and more easily managed systems for hiring teams. As the world of work undergoes seismic shifts caused by skills shortages, the introduction of younger generations into the workforce, and the gig economy, Irish providers are helping progressive HR and recruitment functions worldwide to attract, retain, engage and reward exceptional talent.

To learn more about Irish TalentTech innovators contact Jessica Baker

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