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Irish talent tech firms boost global engagement and productivity

In this era of widespread remote working, employee engagement and wellbeing matter more than ever. Isolated workers need to feel a sense of community and get support from their employers in line with their company’s values.

From boosting physical and psychological health to enabling better employee communications and performance management, Irish talent tech companies are leading the way.

The three companies showcased below provide companies around the world with cutting-edge digital solutions to enable streamlined, effective work by HR departments, managers, and employees.

Most are also focused on integrating with the existing technologies used by companies, meaning those in charge of IT budgets can maximize their legacy investments.

  1. Workvivo: engaging employees with a highly social experience

Workvivo is an enterprise social network, designed to enable organizations to engage as well as communicate with their employee communities.

“We took things like sharing content and giving kudos, which people were used to on social outside the workplace, but brought it into the business context, enabling people to really live the company’s values,” says Pete Rawlinson, Chief Marketing Officer at Workvivo.

“Disengagement was an issue for as many as 70% of businesses even before the pandemic,” he adds. “One-to-one communication tools such as email or messaging facilitate communication but don’t do anything to provide that sense of community and culture. Millennials, in particular, need to feel part of something.”

Since the pandemic spread, Workvivo has seen a significant increase in inquiries. “Companies are seeing remote workers can become isolated. They want to bring employees together and use tools on the platform such as quizzes and competitions.”

Woodies, an Irish chain of DIY stores, found that its Workvivo activity went up when its workers were furloughed due to Covid-19. “These were mainly employees with no work email account or company device, but they wanted to stay engaged,” says Rawlinson.

Workvivo has sought to ensure it can integrate with existing customer tools such as Slack, Zoom, and Workday, and also includes built-in sentiment analysis, he says, adding that customers report higher levels of employee satisfaction and engagement than before. “Tools like this also lead to better talent retention and acquisition,” he said.

Established three years ago, Workvivo now has 25 employees and is coming out of start-up mode, says Rawlinson. With users in 35 countries including significant operations in Ireland and the UK, the company’s clients range from small businesses with 20 employees to global firms with 90,000 employees. Having recently secured $16m (€14.2m) in Series A funding, it is now focused on expanding its US client base — it recently opened an office in Sacramento.

  1. Workhuman: motivating teams with human connection

Workhuman is on a mission to make work more human for millions of people and organizations worldwide. Through its Workhuman Cloud suite of products, companies can strengthen employee performance and the connection between people and teams on a more positive, emotional level – in tune with how work gets done.

Today, Workhuman is the world’s fastest-growing social recognition and continuous performance management platform. The company’s growth acknowledges both the traction and effectiveness of their platform and the demand from progressive global organizations who want to motivate and empower their people to do their best work.

Around the globe, more than 5 million humans at hundreds of companies are celebrating the power of humanity in the workplace through gratitude and peer-to-peer recognition. Since 1999, Workhuman (then Globoforce) has facilitated millions of positive interactions between people in the workplace. Indeed, turnover is cut in half for employees who receive a moment of gratitude from a fellow employee at least once every 60 days. And safety records are more than 80 percent better for teams that express gratitude.

Workhuman applications are shaping the future of work by helping forward-thinking companies energize their cultures, unlock their employees’ passion and potential, and unite their workforce around a shared purpose. Companies like LinkedIn, Cisco, Eaton, JetBlue, Cardinal Health, Merck, Intuit, P&G, and UnitedHealth Group have all experienced the undeniable ROI of making their workplaces more human.

  1. Poppulo: creating connected and successful organizations globally

When many of the world’s largest companies want to solve complex challenges in their communications with their global workforces, they look to a highly-innovative Irish software company, Poppulo.

The Cork-based technology company has for several years been at the forefront in the creation of pioneering employee communications technology and counts a long list of the world’s most successful companies as clients.

Today, with the Covid-19 pandemic radically transforming the world of work, internal company communications have become a business-critical function and Poppulo is leading the way, transforming workplace communications and employee experience globally. Every day, secure communications to over 25 million employees in 900+ companies across more than 100 countries are managed through technology developed by Poppulo in Cork.

Over 30% of the largest employers in Europe are Poppulo customers, as are 1 in 5 of those in the United States. Clients include Unilever, Bank of America, Nestlé, Telefonica, Johnson Controls, Rolls-Royce, almost half the world’s top pharma companies, and Irish multinationals Kerry Group, CRH and the Ardagh Group.

Poppulo developed the world’s first all-in-one internal communication platform which gives organizations the ability to manage their communications and measure their performance across multiple digital channels: company mobile app, email, intranet, video, enterprise social networks, etc.

The platform not only makes it easy to disseminate highly-targeted internal communications, it gives the company visibility on how different audiences interact with those messages. For example, are emails read or ignored? Is there a difference in how messages are received depending on business function, employee grade, or geographic locations, and how should the organization respond to these differences?

Poppulo has been voted one of Ireland’s Best Places to Work for several years in a row. It currently employs 210 people in Cork and 59 at its American HQ in Boston, Massachusetts.

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