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Irish innovators are at work solving the world’s most important sustainability challenges

Innovative, flexible and trusted – Irish companies are delivering a competitive advantage in all sectors in the U.S. and around the world. Ireland’s uniquely open, fast-moving and collaborative economy develops people and companies with an unequaled track record of meeting the needs of global market leaders.

In fact, the Irish workforce has been named #1 for flexibility and adaptability of people, and first for innovation among EU SMEs, recognizing Ireland as one of the top 10 most reputable countries in the world. Today, Irish companies are hard at work developing innovations to tackle some of the world’s most important sustainability challenges. Ireland is fast becoming an international clean technology hub and its water treatment sector is delivering innovative and proven solutions to customers worldwide.

From low energy water purification technologies to concrete rainwater harvesting systems, specialist Irish companies can provide end-to-end solutions to meet the needs of infrastructure providers, utilities and industry internationally.

Irish companies are known for the highest standards of reliability, quality and delivery—whether on-site at major construction projects or in off-site manufacturing contracts. And with a thriving innovation ecosystem, the industry is continuing to break ground with new approaches to global sustainability challenges. The following are just a few examples of innovative Irish companies working to make a very real difference.

MagGrowis an agriculture spray technology that helps farmers grow more by using less. The system, which has been three years in development, provides better coverage than conventional crop spraying systems. The two main benefits of the MagGrow system include a 70 percent drift reduction and a 20 to 40 percent increase in coverage. Their overall goal is to feed the world in a sustainable way, as well as meeting their environmental targets.

The company was established in order to solve the problem that conventional spray technology uses large nozzles and water in a spray solution to try and better control droplets by making them larger. But the result of this method is that spray drops are like raindrops — they run off, splatter and bounce off the crops, actually making the situation worse by creating a huge run-off problem. The spray (be it fungicide, herbicide or insecticide), which is missing the target, ends up in neighboring crops, neighboring fields and rivers, and streams, contaminating the environment with unnecessary waste.

The MagGrow solution fixes this problem with droplet formation that yields superior spray drift reduction and spray coverage performance. With this system, farmers are able to use 50 percent less chemicals and water to do the same job, reducing the 70 percent level of waste to just 20 percent, and in some cases less than 10 percent.

Theya Healthcarewith the input of 80 breast cancer survivors, Ciara Donlon, CEO & Founder of Theya Healthcare, developed an innovative range of post-surgery lingerie. The bras and briefs are ideal for women who have undergone any type of breast, thoracic, pelvic or abdominal surgery. They are also a perfect choice for women who are receiving chemotherapy or radiotherapy. The entire Theya product range, which is made from a unique bamboo mix fabric, promotes healing, offers exceptional comfort and functionality, and looks beautiful.

The company recently announced that they signed a deal with the Greenhealth Exchange (GX), a U.S. purchasing co-operative which specifies, screens and sources high-quality sustainable and ethically sourced products for its members. This deal will make Theya Healthcare a preferred supplier to 11 large U.S. Healthcare systems including Mayo Clinic, Dignity Health, and Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical

Wisetek is a global leader in IT asset disposal (ITAD), reuse and data destruction services. Wisetek strives to provide world-class services to achieve maximum financial return from advanced reuse, remanufacturing, remarketing and recycling of retired IT equipment.

The company’s processes enable clients to be ethically responsible for their IT asset disposal and data destruction. Wisetek aims to exceed customer expectations in environmental sustainability and is committed to preventing pollution, in particular, striving to reduce the level of waste sent to landfills. Wisetek operates a Zero Landfill Policy and has a dedicated environmental committee in place, whose main objective is the continuous improvement of environmental policies and processes across all business sectors. The Wisetek Sustainable EARTH Program is an assurance that all processing is fully transparent, secure, auditable and is compliant with the highest global environmental regulatory recycling standards.

Ocean Energywith a platform that has already gone through more than three years of testing in the Atlantic, the Ocean Energy system generates energy as water pushes air through a turbine, and the spinning turbines convert the movement into electricity. A 100-megawatt wave farm could power more than 18,000 homes. The equipment could also be used to power desalination plants, fish farms offshore, or even underwater data centers of the kind that Microsoft is testing (servers generate a lot of heat, so putting them in the ocean is one way to keep them cool).

This resource that is, as yet, untapped provides a lot of greenhouse benefits and climate action benefits from using ocean waves as a source of energy. Waves are also a steadier, more predictable source of energy than wind or solar power, which need batteries or another form of storage (or backup from fossil power plants), for times when the sun or wind is unavailable.

ApisProtect uses unique, innovative technology to help beekeepers prevent losses and increase productivity in their hives. ApisProtect’s machine learning technology gathers data from multiple sources, including thousands of examples of healthy and weak colonies; disease testing; inspection reports; and aggregate, anonymized data collected from hives around the globe. The data is used by ApisProtect algorithms to understand hives and suggest actions for improved colony health.

Bee health/safety is important to the earth because it is estimated that one-third of the food that we consume each day, relies on pollination mainly by bees. As a result, the world relies on bee pollination to sustain our food system.

NPV Energy delivers a highly efficient and sustainable wastewater treatment solution. The company provides a professional, end-to-end service covering all aspects of the project, from calculating the feasibility of the installation, to ensuring a detailed handover and training as well as providing an aftercare service tailored to meet your needs.

The company’s technology reduces chemical oxygen demand by more than 80 percent and total suspended solids by up to 50 percent, generates energy, produces 90% less sludge than other aerobic/activated sludge treatment installations.

C&F Green Energy is a world leading, industry setting, manufacturer of small- and medium-sized wind turbines on a mission to make wind energy affordable and accessible to the farm, home, and business. C&F Green Energy provides and installs high-yield, efficient, and low-noise wind turbines in Ireland, the UK, Italy, Switzerland, France, Japan and increasingly around the world. The company’s mission is sustainability and they are focused on making wind energy more affordable and accessible to everyone.

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