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Irish Software Support Company Origina Inc. Opens U.S. Headquarters in Texas

European enterprise software support provider Origina Inc. today opened its U.S. headquarters in Plano, Texas, to meet growing demand from businesses seeking alternatives to Big Tech software companies. Their U.S. headquarters is supported by Enterprise Ireland, the Irish State agency that works with Irish enterprises to help them start, grow, innovate and win export sales in global markets.

“The big software companies have walked away from serving their customers,” said Tomas O’Leary, Origina Founder and CEO.  “We liberate these businesses and give them a long-overdue option to maintain their software on their terms.” Mr. O’Leary is also leading the “right to repair” movement in Europe, helping to inform policymakers and business leaders on the economic and environmental implications of overly restrictive repair and support policies. 

Typical Origina customers save 50 percent over IBM, freeing up IT budgets so companies can focus on innovation and growth. Businesses can realize remarkable savings by using Gartner recognized third-party experts like Origina.  Since its founding in Ireland, the company has established itself as the only substantial, proven alternative to IBM software support. Origina is part of a small cadre of independent companies challenging the status quo and monopoly models of software giants like IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, and SAP.

“With their successes in Ireland and Europe, the move to the United States seemed the next natural step for Origina,” stated Jessica Baker, VP Digital Technologies, Enterprise Ireland, “We’re excited to see this innovative Irish company help businesses retain more autonomy over bigger enterprises by having a more customer-centric service provider.”

Businesses large and small are realizing they do not have to go along with Big Tech’s skyrocketing repair costs, horrible customer service, and Byzantine support contracts – the IBM software maintenance market alone is $7 billion. With Origina, IBM’s customers now have a choice to have their software serviced at half the price by a nimble company that places a premium on customer service. 

The 20-plus Plano team will support Origina’s U.S. customer base and oversee the company’s expansion into Latin America. The Texas area is home to several existing customers and many Fortune 1000 corporations which benefit from the Origina offering, such as Magellan Health, Academy Sports, Transocean, and Neiman Marcus. 

“Corporations are demanding a higher level of service and the big software firms aren’t listening,” said Shannon Mahaffey,  Origina’s President of North American. “We are filling the void with concierge-like service that provides faster response and resolution, lower costs and a higher quality of service.”

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Nov 22, 2021

Irish Software Support Company Origina Inc. Opens U.S. Headquarters in Texas