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Irish Operations Tech Platform, WrxFlo Wins First US Contract

WrxFlo has just won its first contract in the US with Bijur Delimon, a global manufacturing company that is an international leader in the Industrial and Mobile Lubrication market with support from Enterprise Ireland. This project arose as a result of another project they completed in Ennis, Ireland. The success of that project triggered the formation of further projects across the world, with this one situated in North Carolina, USA.

The new US client, Bijur Delimon approached WrxFlo after seeing the completed project in Ireland where WrxFlo had completely digitalized the clients’ old processes and landed them numerous new contracts as a result of the transformation. Bijur wanted to implement a similar solution at their facility in the hopes of achieving the same return.

Bijur Delimon currently has an extremely laborious admin process, making it difficult to determine which orders were ready to ship. They had a restricted view of the products in the warehouse, which made it challenging to ship orders on time as they couldn’t immediately determine which items were in low supply and which were available.

Additionally, their reports took one week to prepare, and this meant that by the time it was generated, the data would have been out of date. Seeing that Excel was their preferred tool, it was difficult to obtain and analyze data, and they found it impossible to determine if they had adequate resources to fulfill an order on time. Due to the time-consuming nature of the process, they desired to automate the laborious excel sheet files. They also wanted to understand the reason for the delayed orders in order to avoid late shipments.

WrxFlo offers several solutions specifically for the issues Bijur Delimon is facing. WrxFlo connects multiple systems and data sources to tie relevant data together. They bridge the gap in missing functionality for better value from IT systems, and they link into ERP, MES, systems, and other business management systems (excel sheets) to provide one source of truth.

To tackle the issues faced by Bijur Delimon, WrxFlo designed a solution that generates reports automatically. This will allow the managers to see their data in real-time and it will streamline their previous processes. The platform will recalculate automatically when a new order comes in to provide the latest picture and provide them with a high-level summary to identify what parts are missing or on hand each week to allow them to readily determine which orders are ready for shipment, this will result to a faster shipment of orders.

“We designed this report to determine what materials are short for all orders, so they won’t have to guess which orders cannot be completed as our software will automatically reveal this. It shows what’s on hand each week for each order, breaks it down to the component level, and promptly highlights orders that are ready to ship and ones that are short.” – Said Tim Crowe, CEO of WrxFlo.

Additionally, to minimize delays, Bijur Delimon can now see orders by week to discover missing parts for orders due the following week. They can also get instant notifications on parts that are expected to arrive, items that still need to be purchased, and what is out of stock.

“The WrxFlo team are very excited about the completion of this project, our hope is for this project to cause another domino effect to create several new ones so that we can continue to do what we are passionate about.” – says Crowe.

Enterprise Ireland is excited to see this innovation coming from WrxFlo which is actively transforming vital processes for companies in both Ireland and the US and adding operational efficiencies with Irish technology. If you have any questions or are interested in a similar solution, please contact Niamh O’Donnell for more information.

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