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Irish MedTech, Neurobell Partners with Parkview Health to Revolutionize Neonatal Brain Injury Treatment

Neurobellis a dynamic Irish innovator of neonatal medical technologies. They were selected to partner with Fort Wayne, Indiana-based Parkview Health to conduct a clinical study to speed up the diagnosis and treatment of newborn seizures using portable and AI-driven Electroencephalography (EEG) equipment with support from Enterprise Ireland.

Based out of the Infant Research Centre in University College Cork in Ireland, Neurobell, through commercialization support from Enterprise Ireland, is developing a plug-and-play, pocket-sized EEG monitor with real-time and automated neonatal seizure alerts at the bedside so that NICU staff can gain immediate insights without delays. 

“Brain injuries occur in 0.5% of all births in the United States and one in 50 births globally,” says Dr. Mark O’Sullivan, Founder of Neurobell.  “Seizures are the most common manifestation of brain injuries in newborns and need to be diagnosed and treated immediately to ensure the best possible outcome.”

Currently, EEG is the only tool available that provides an assessment of brain function in real-time at the bedside. Existing EEG equipment relies on highly-specialized personnel for both the setup and interpretation of the results and is not available on a 24/7 basis in most hospitals. As a result, there can be delays in the monitoring and treatment of seizures.

“Neurobell’s technology has the potential to increase the efficiency of clinical staff while decreasing the time between seizure detection and treatment in infants,” says Ethel Massing, Program Leader, Mirro Center for Research & Innovation, Parkview Health.  “We are proud to partner and support Neurobell to bring this revolutionary technology to hospitals everywhere.”

The study will be completed at the Parkview Women & Children’s Hospital, and will compare the efficacy of the Neurobell EEG monitor against a conventional EEG monitor. This will be the first study of the novel medical device in the US, which marks a pivotal milestone for the Neurobell team as it aims to file for US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) clearance for this product in 12-18 months’ time. 

“As an organization, Enterprise Ireland is delighted to support the development of novel and innovation solutions such as Neurobell’s EEG device,” says Jennie Lynch, Senior Vice President, Life Sciences for Enterprise Ireland. “This partnership with Parkview Health will enable the Neurobell team to gain crucial insight regarding the implementation of its technology, and will undoubtedly lead to improved clinical outcomes in neonatal care.”

Neurobell was selected for the Clinical Study following an intensive eight-week accelerator program, the culmination of the Healthy Mom and Baby Innovation Competition 3.0, sponsored by Parkview in collaboration with MATTER. 

“Our objective is to uncover disruptive innovation in the healthcare industry, and competitions like this bring out the best and the brightest from around the world,” adds Massing. “With Enterprise Ireland’s support, successful outcomes from this clinical study with Parkview, and ultimately, FDA approval, Neurobell is poised to revolutionize neonatal care here in the US.”

Together, Neurobell and Parkview Health are significantly improving the care and well-being of young patients with this neonatal technology. We are proud to support the impact of their Irish innovation as it continues to spread worldwide.

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