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Irish EdTech and corporate learning sectors’ ever-evolving innovations combat highly disruptive market

In today’s business environment, the EdTech/talent/HR industries face the challenge of remaining relevant and successful against a backdrop where disruptive technologies have become the norm.

For business success, it’s pertinent to remain competitive and innovative. Globally, the corporate learning and EdTech sectors are becoming more technologically driven and their ability to remain adaptive, responsive and embrace fast-paced change is key to success. These sectors are as dynamic as they are lucrative.

This is evident at the Impacts and Future Trends in the EdTech and Corporate Learning Landscapes event in Dublin on Tuesday, June 25th. The event is organized by Enterprise Ireland, the government organization responsible for the development and growth of Irish enterprise in world markets. This event features a broad and diverse cohort of Enterprise Ireland EdTech companies, as well as CLOs, CHROS, L&D Directors, international speakers and industry analysts from organizations including Accenture, Bloomberg, EY, Coca Cola, IBM, KPMG, PwC, McKinsey, BCG, and Oracle. They will be sharing their experience and views on future technologies, how they will impact corporate learning, reflecting how people consume knowledge, and looking at emerging key trends in the marketplace where EdTech companies can offer solutions.

“The growth the sector is experiencing and will continue to experience, is being driven by how society consumes knowledge”, noted Enda McDonnell, Department Manager, Business and Consumer Services Enterprise Ireland. “Today learning is intrinsically linked to advancements in technologies, with disruptive technologies continually evolving to address the new learning ecosystem.  Irish companies are renowned worldwide for providing disruptive technologies, undertaking world-class R&D which positions them as providers of ground-breaking technologies across the EdTech sector internationally.”

Government and industry sectors like Enterprise Ireland, regard the creation of tech-immersed sectors as a priority in Ireland’s future as an innovation hub. However, innovation in industries cannot excel without the capacity to be used in an international setting. Today, the U.S. is the #1 market for more than 80-percent of Irish EdTech companies with the market currently worth over $9bn.

Learning no longer ends when students leave formal education and enter the workforce, ambitious professionals are continuously learning, re-training and adapting to the ever-changing technological eco-system of the modern workplace.

Traditional learning models are no longer relevant to today’s learners, learners will always need teachers and content, but technological developments enable classrooms and corporate learning workplaces to adapt to how learners consume knowledge.

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