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Irish Companies Solve Traffic Congestion issues with Innovative Transportation Technologies

With an influx of urbanization across major global cities, traffic and prolonged commutes accelerated the need for alternative transportation methods. In 2020, ten EU member states already had an urbanization rate of more than 80 percent, according to the World Bank. The need for alternative transportation as a result of this rapid urbanization is exactly what eScooter provider Zeus Scooters and micro mobility analytics startup Anadue are working to solve. 

In 2019, Damien Young, a former banker and tech thought leader, produced Zeus Scooters, the world’s first three-wheeled electric scooter designed for the micro mobility sharing market. Zeus shares their fleet of 3,000 e-scooters globally, with a presence in five countries and 30 cities.

“For us, understanding customer behavior and predicting usage has been a challenge,” adds David O’Reilly, Chief Commercial Officer at Zeus. “Anadue provides the foundation to predict trip demand, reduce operating costs through machine learning and optimized deployment plans, and provide meaningful reports to local governments on service benefits.”

Anadue collects data from micro mobility vehicles, like Zeus’ eScooters, in order for operators and local authorities to work together in developing the most efficient transportation options for cities. The company uses real-time data from connected vehicles, machine learning, demand forecasting, fleet management, and stranded vehicle identification, and a predictive analytics process, so micro mobility clients like Zeus can provide the exact services their customers need. Anadue helps make cities healthier with lower greenhouse gas emissions, cleaner air, reduced congestion, and expanded transportation options. With micro mobility options, citizens are not only able to live more freely and easily but are also able to travel more safely. 

These companies partnered with the support of Enterprise Ireland to analyze data on scooter fleets. Zeus integrated the Anadue software into their App and Scooter feature set, targeting the needs of users in the cities that use Zeus scooters. This adaptation gives  Zeus and Anadue a competitive advantage over other providers as they foster business relationships with the participating cities.  

“We can now provide cities with differentiated and meaningful reports, while predictive analytics allow them to maximize the potential for driving in each city,” -Mike Manchip, Chief Executive Officer at Anadue.

Although comprehensive reports surrounding scooter usage for cities were the main purpose at the beginning of the collaboration, Zeus and Anadue are developing further insights into services around planning and data analysis for urban user groups and the further development of customized services.

Enterprise Ireland’s support of innovation allows companies like Anadue and Zeus to make something as integral to people’s daily lives as their commute easier and more sustainable. 

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