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TOKYO, JAPAN - JULY 29: Allison Schmitt of Team United States cheer on teammate Katie Ledecky during the Women's 4X200 meter freestyle relay final on day six of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games at Tokyo Aquatics Centre on July 29, 2021 in Tokyo, Japan. (Photo by Fred Lee/Getty Images)
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Individualized Sports Data Platform Orreco is Helping Enhance Performance for Some of the World’s Top Women Athletes

Women athletes are often overlooked by sports science research, but Orreco is not letting that continue. Orreco is an Irish sports and data science company delivering unparalleled information-driven solutions for optimizing athletic performance. By uniquely blending data and sports science, Orreco solutions generate customized indicators of injury, optimal training load, and recovery strategies for athletes of all types. Orreco provides leading-edge sports science and data tools for professional sports teams and athletes, including Newcastle United, Chelsea FC Women, the Dallas Mavericks NBA team, and Olympic athletes.

Four-time US Olympic swimmer and the winner of 10 Olympic medals, Allison Schmitt, has been using Orreco’s solutions for a couple of years. After winning a silver medal in Tokyo earlier this year, Schmitt said that using the tools developed by Orreco has been revolutionary for her.

“I’ve learned things about myself as a woman that I never knew. When it comes to sports, the tendency has been to treat women as though they were like little boys, but this is slowly changing as we realize just how important it is to focus on women separately,” Schmitt told The Irish Times. “Honestly, until I was introduced to the work that Orreco is doing, I had no idea just how impactful hormones are, for example.”

In 2010 the Orreco team began studying and combining biomarker technology with sports and data science. Their goal was to build performance models for professional athletes and create solutions for amateur athletes and weekend warriors.

The team developed a women-focused performance platform called FitrWoman that can track periods and symptoms and provide guidance for training and nutrition based on the menstrual cycle. The platform has been used by the US Women’s World Cup soccer team, among others. Orreco has also developed FitrCoach to revolutionize how teams and coaches care for women athletes.

“Traditionally, women have been ignored by sports science with research focused on male athletes alone. This was also the situation in many other fields,” said Dr. Brian Moore, Orreco Co-Founder. “When it comes to sports, in particular, women’s physiology has been so overlooked that there are monstrous gains to be made in terms of performance when you do start paying attention to it.”

The Orreco system is different from others. It doesn’t just analyze blood biomarkers or simply produce data – it works alongside teams and players to interpret and analyze a wide range of data. The data then suggests personalized strategies to help teams reduce injury risk, accelerate recovery, and keep players in their peak performance zone.

Orreco has also become a world leader in the provision of women athlete consultancy services that focus on developing research, education, and performance in the women athlete, with personal health always at the forefront. Orreco’s analysis sets the standard for reducing injury and illness risk and subsequent recovery. Player readiness, sleep, and nutrition data — it’s all analyzed to protect player wellness and maintain high performance.

Schmitt explained that she struggled in the months leading up to the Tokyo Olympics, but rather than training blindly through the issues, she looked to the data for insights.

“Women are superheroes with superpowers that are different from those of men, but it has been easy to overlook this,” added Schmitt. “I think if sportswomen can embrace those superpowers now, then who knows what we might achieve.”

Enterprise Ireland’s support of companies like Orreco leads to the creation of technologies that are transforming the sports industry and allowing the success of women athletes like Allison Schmitt to improve greatly.

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Individualized Sports Data Platform Orreco is Helping Enhance Performance for Some of the World's Top Women Athletes