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Enterprise Ireland is the Irish Government's trade agency and VC arm. Our goal is to build successful, long-term business relationships between international companies and Irish partners.

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As one of the world's largest seed capital investors, we help develop a pipeline of cutting edge Irish companies.

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Ready for a New World

The disruption of the last year has changed industries forever and now every business faces a new set of challenges. Innovative, resilient Irish companies are leading the way, helping their global partners to innovate and adapt - turning adversity into opportunity.


Transforming industries - from fintech to farming

5G and Wireless

Irish wireless is making a global impact, delivering forward-thinking solutions to some of the industry’s greatest challenges


Heritage meets innovation in Ireland’s homegrown agritech industry. Cutting-edge Irish companies are leading the way and pioneering global solutions that drive efficiency and growth.

Aerospace & Aviation

Ireland’s aerospace and aviation industry is booming, with leasing companies expanding to meet worldwide demand and excellence in key technologies including advanced composites and surface treatments.


Ireland’s world-class BPO sector provides the fastest and most efficient way for companies to drive revenue growth and customer experience in the EU market.


With world-class construction and engineering expertise, Irish companies have an international reputation for delivering complex projects with a range of innovative technologies.

Digital Modern Workplace

Digital transformation of the workplace has never been more crucial in preserving company culture, staying competitive, and enhancing customer connection.


As a global education and technology hub, Ireland is a source of EdTech innovation, with the knowledge and expertise that customers need to succeed.


Irish companies are contributing innovative solutions and technologies for the future of energy.


As a global financial services and technology hub, Ireland is a source of fintech innovation, with the knowledge and expertise that customers need to succeed.

Travel Tech

Groundbreaking Irish companies are delivering innovative technologies that are helping travel sellers maximize their revenue and profitability. Learn more in our white paper.


The Irish wellness indsutry is making a global impact, delivering forward-thinking solutions to some of the industry’s greatest challenges

News and Success Stories

Life Sciences
Aug 3, 2021

Building Partnerships for a Resilient, Transparent Healthcare Supply Chain Network Between North America, Ireland and Beyond


A small, affordable, easy-to-use, body-worn data device from Output Sports is elevating elite and amateur athletic performance

Why partner with Irish Business?

Irish businesses are making a global impact, delivering innovative solutions to some of our most pressing challenges.

Europe's fastest growing economy

Irish businesses are globalised, forward-looking and ambitious - their partners benefit from this dynamic approach.

One of the world's most innovative ecosystems

Irish small and medium businesses are the most innovative in Europe and are supported by a world-class R&.D ecosystem.

A global technology centre

Irish companies grow up alongside the biggest names in tech, life sciences and financial services and meet the standards of global leaders.

A culture of entrepreneurship

Irish people are renowned for developing business opportunities worldwide and their ambition means a sharp focus on success.

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