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HealthBeacon’s Partners with US-based Evernorth

HealthBeacon, the leading digital therapeutics company for managing injectable medications for patients in the home, is pleased to announce its evidence-based Injection Care Management System (“ICMS”) has been added to Evernorth’s Digital Health Formulary.  

Through its Digital Health Formulary, Evernorth, a subsidiary of Connecticut-based Cigna Corporation, connects employers, insurers, and patients with innovative, affordable, and evidence-based care that meet their broader healthcare needs. The ICMS will help improve care and adherence therapy for thousands of patients in the U.S. who depend on injectable medications to manage inflammatory conditions. 

Approximately 50% of patients fail to adhere to their therapy when long-term medication is prescribed (WHO).  Adherence and persistence are key factors associated with the effectiveness of all pharmacological therapies as well as being particularly critical for medications prescribed for chronic conditions. 

Jim Joyce, CEO, and co-founder of HealthBeacon, said: “Inclusion on the Evernorth Digital Health Formulary is a significant and exciting milestone for HealthBeacon, unlocking greater access to our injection care management system for the millions of patients in the U.S. that self-administer subcutaneous injections at home. Collaborating with Evernorth not only supports HealthBeacon’s ambition to make our product globally accessible, but it is also an important validation of the clinical effectiveness of our technology. This development is further evidence that our ambition to be a global leader in adherence devices is being realized.”

HealthBeacon and its U.S. operations in Boston, Massachusetts are supported by Enterprise Ireland. On HealthBeacon’s journey Enterprise Ireland has supported the Company through equity and grant funding for the development of new products and intellectual property.

HealthBeacon’s ICMS has improved medication adherence for patients on injection therapy by up to 26%. It includes a Federal Drug Administration (FDA)-cleared Smart Sharps Bin device technology, Companion Medication Adherence mobile app, as well as a sustainable mail-back waste management solution. 

“HealthBeacon is the type of Irish-based company that is truly making an impact on the global healthcare landscape, particularly in the United States,” says Jennie Lynch, Senior Vice President US Lifesciences, Enterprise Ireland. “This type of collaboration and success story is what drives Enterprise Ireland everyday.” 

Evernorth’s Digital Health Formulary is an industry-first platform of credible health apps created in 2019 to make it easier for patients, employers, and health plans to navigate the crowded digital health landscape. Solutions on the Evernorth Digital Health Formulary are reviewed by physicians, pharmacists, and user experience experts, and are only added if they meet quality standards for clinical effectiveness, security and privacy requirements, value and affordability, and user experience.

Enterprise Ireland’s support of HealthBeacon is bringing innovative medical technology to the US, so patients can access better care. The partnership between HealthBeacon and Evernorth will further expand HealthBeacon’s offerings and elevate the healthcare industry globally.

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