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Glantus Enters Partnership with Global Movius Corp to Deliver Enhanced Cloud-based Communications, US Market Expansion

Washington DC, March 16, 2018 —

Glantus, the Dublin-based specialist provider of world-class software solutions, has formed an alliance with Movius, a cloud-based mobility solutions company based in Georgia, United States. The partnership was announced at the Enterprise Ireland Saint Patrick’s Day Global Ireland Lunch, held in Washington DC, March 14, 2018.

Glantus is a provider of world-class software solutions, this new technology partnership with Movius, a global provider of cloud-based mobility solutions will provide pre-integrated connectors for Movius’ Multi-Line offering. This provides interoperability with leading archiving platforms including Verint, Nice, and Redbox in order to meet customer requirements for voice and text recording compliance.

Movius is the global provider of cloud-based mobility solutions that help businesses and end-users organize and analyze their enterprise communications experience through separate mobile phone lines.

Movius serves more than 50 million people worldwide, with office locations including Atlanta, Madrid, Johannesburg, Silicon Valley, and Bangalore.

Executive Vice President of Movius, Ananth Siva, says he is excited to work with Glantus, and that the alliance will “add an additional dimension” to their product offerings.

Together, Glantus and Movius are working on developing cloud-based facilities to assist organizations with their compliance and security challenges regarding historical call recordings. This work is driving Glantus to increase their US employee numbers in Sales and Marketing with further growth in Support and R&D resources required in Ireland.

“Working with Movius allows us to combine our respective specialist areas of data analytics and cloud-based communications to produce a valuable solution for our customers,” said Maurice Healy, Glantus Group CEO. “The alliance will further strengthen our expansion into the US market, as well as support our entrance into the global market.”   

Glantus, an Enterprise Ireland supported company, is based in Dublin where it currently employs 50 people. The company recently acquired New York-based Hedgehog analytics.

The Movius Multi-Line Solution makes it simple for businesses to manage mobile business communications on a single personal device, balancing corporate control, compliance and cost savings with advantages that make the service attractive to employees as well. Movius currently partners with leading global carriers including Sprint, Telstra, and Telefonica to deliver Multi-Line to businesses and consumers globally.

“Glantus adds a key component to our Multi-Line offering,” said Ananth Siva, Chief Customer Officer, Movius. “The integrated solution provides regulated industries a turn-key solution to address the evolving retention and supervision requirements with respect to their mobile business communications.”

This work is driving Glantus, which currently employs 50 people, to increase their US employee numbers in Sales and Marketing with further growth in Support and R&D resources required in Ireland. The company recently acquired New York-based Hedgehog analytics.


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About Glantus:

Glantus is an innovative developer of business-led data processing and analysis platforms. Our mission is to make data science accessible by delivering insights to transform data into a valuable business asset. Masters in the data space, we believe effective data analysis, visualization and delivering insights transform the productivity of businesses to enable intelligent business decision making.

About Movius:

Movius is a global provider of cloud-based mobility solutions that solve compliance and security challenges for global enterprises while improving productivity and cost management. The Movius Platform serves more than 75 million subscribers worldwide and is the platform of choice for some of the world’s largest mobile carriers. Movius is headquartered in Atlanta, GA, and has offices worldwide. Learn More

About Enterprise Ireland:

Enterprise Ireland is the Irish State agency that works with Irish enterprises to help them start, grow, innovate and win export sales in global markets. Enterprise Ireland partners with entrepreneurs, Irish businesses, and the research and investment communities to develop Ireland’s international trade, innovation, leadership, and competitiveness.  In this way, we support sustainable economic growth and regional development and help create and sustain employment in Ireland.

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