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GenconnectU Creates a Community for Women to Share Their Skills

Gender inequality is a persistent global issue. To combat this, the Irish knowledge technology platform genconnectU (GcU) was designed and tailored for female professionals looking to further develop and share their skills in various areas including career, health, lifestyle, relationships, and giving back. Their vision is to become a significant online education resource for women around the world by creating and distributing eLearning products for consumers, platforms, and companies globally.

GenconnectU’s digital platform has become a critical resource in helping women share, engage, and polish their soft skills to strengthen their leadership capacities within their communities and careers. The genconnectU platform offers the teachings, insights, and experiences of more than 3,000 global experts including Kamala Harris, Madeleine Albright, and Padma Lakshmi. These experts share their wisdom and advice through on-demand video-based learning and development.

The development programs are consistently updated, allowing users to choose from thousands of existing video lessons and new courses published weekly. The courses are proven to be effective as well with nearly 90% of people on the platform reporting benefits including renewed motivation, inspired creativity, improved performance, promotions, and even raises!

GenconnectU has recently become a recognized partner on LinkedIn Learning, and this partnership will further enable women to learn in a group, individual, or even social media setting. 

GenconnectU firmly believes in paying it forward for women everywhere with a portion of the platform’s proceeds given back to genconnectU learning partner organizations working to advance women’s careers and lives like New York Women in Communications.

GenconnectU is making an undeniable difference in countless women’s lives by allowing current and future female leaders and change-makers to elevate each other by sharing their wisdom and skills. Enterprise Ireland’s support allows this evolution to be possible. 

genconnectU will be attending the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada in January 2022. If you would like to meet with the genconnectU team at CES you can contact their Enterprise Ireland Market Advisor Niamh O’Donnell to schedule a meeting at

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