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FieldAware partners with US-based Occly to bring safety, visual transparency, geo-tracking and more to field services industry

FieldAware, a leader in made-for-mobile, cloud-based field service hub solutions, and Occly, manufacturer of the first wearable alarm system with cameras, have announced a partnership to provide superior safety and regulatory documentation for all field service organizations. The new partnership extends FieldAware‘s video capabilities allowing customers to leverage best-of-breed video capability through the FieldAware field service hub strategy. Field service dispatchers and the clients they serve now have full transparency into the completion of all safety protocols in real-time or anytime. 

“We are thrilled that our friends at Occly are taking this journey with us,” said FieldAware COO, Steve Mason. “In addition to FieldAware’s dynamic health and safety mobile forms, our customers can leverage best-of-breed video capability through our field service hub strategy as field service dispatchers and the clients they serve now have full transparency into the completion of all safety protocols in real-time or anytime. This additional safety monitoring is even more invaluable during this COVID period where social distancing is vital for field-based workers.” 

With Occly’s all-day safety wearable, service technicians can now record a 280-degree view around their users for risk management and loss mitigation, amongst other things. The lightweight device with a 22-hour battery life captures the surroundings and exactly what the technician is doing at all times.

The experience not only protects the safety of the technician, but it provides clients with the satisfaction of a job performed on time, correctly, and at regulatory standards.

“We designed our body cams to make sure remote workers are safe every moment they are on the job. Our real-time video access solution allows businesses to document events, store securely encrypted data to the cloud, and act immediately if they see a problem,” said Occly CEO, Marc Harris. “Our customers find that in addition to improving the safety of their workforce, end customer claims for damaged property or poor service are dramatically reduced and quickly settled due to definitive video evidence.”

 FieldAware is a cutting-edge, cloud-based, mobile field service management hub, empowering companies to transform their field service with automated processes and streamlined operations. FieldAware is advancing field service with comprehensive solutions including optimized scheduling, dynamic and intelligent forms capture, robust reporting and analytics, AR, and IoT.

FieldAware’s flexible platform streamlines technician enablement and digitizes business processes while automating the collection and dissemination of field and back-office information. Combining award-winning, easy to use/easy to adopt software with the industry’s best implementation and support services, FieldAware provides rapid ROI, accelerating improvements in productivity, safety, compliance, customer satisfaction, and revenue growth. 

Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, Occly creates technology that enhances the safety and security of users with the most comprehensive, proactive, and wearable alarm system available. In addition to safety, Occly offers workforce management tools to help employees and employers increase their efficiency and production. Occly offers management the option to incorporate reporting tools, these can range from tracking hours, days worked, distance traveled, speed violations, and a plethora of other features.

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