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Equitrace Secures €1.25m in funding with support from Enterprise Ireland

Enterprise Ireland is proud to be part of EquiTrace’s latest funding round to further advance its global footprint. EquiTrace allows horse owners and veterinarians to track and store medical records for horses using a scanner, mobile phone, and a microchip. The funding round was backed by a syndicate of Halo Business Angel Network angel investors, as well as Enterprise Ireland who contributed €250,000. EquiTrace will use the funding to focus on further global expansion. They will ​​be building a sales and development team as well as focusing on investments in marketing the app.

This unique platform was created with horse-owners in mind. Use of the app and data stored are available without an internet connection to ensure accessibility in even the most rural of stables. All the data inputted into EquiTrace is encrypted and private to each barn, but also allows each account owner to authorize others to access data securely.   

The EquiTrace app is already in use not only in Ireland and the US, but also in Canada, Italy, and Sweden. Aside from its international presence, the company have partnered with global organizations such as the FEI, or International Horse Authority, which they are licensed by, and the American Trotting Association, which uses a white label version of the app for their customers.

“The problems that EquiTrace solves – how to gather data in challenging environments, how to keep track of a horse and its welfare throughout its life – are worldwide issues for the horse community,” says Jennifer Corley, CEO, EquiTrace. “Horse welfare is an area of concern in every competitive sector, from racing to show jumping.”

EquiTrace uses the most innovative technology, including Bio-Thermo microchips that can measure a horse’s temperature within one-tenth of a degree. This innovation helps to accurately manage diseases in horses, and additionally, these microchips also help horse-owners geographically locate their animals using the app. 

Along with identification and location, EquiTrace provides data for over 1,000 equine products and medications that can be scanned in the app through their barcode. The combination of the microchip and app functionality provides peace of mind for horse owners assuring them that the right medications will go to the right horses. In order to ensure a user’s horse is receiving the optimal dosage of medications, EquiTrace also provides drug withdrawal suggestions based on the dose used and the number of injections given to the horse. 

Head Lad at Rosewell Racing, Tom Daley, said EquiTrace is “Invaluable- it’s made my life so much easier.”

The data EquiTrace provides to its users takes both guesswork and error out of the day-to-day tasks involving horse care. EquiTrace’s technology creates a secure network of knowledge that anyone in the Equine industry can access whether they are a horse racer, veterinarian, or a small barn. EquiTrace has already gained recognition for its innovation as they were the winners of both the Best Overall Start-Up award and the Vet Technology award at Enterprise Ireland’s 2021 Innovation Arena Awards. 

“As an angel investor, I look at three things: is the product solving a real problem with an addressable market?, is it proven with customers? and is there global ambition? EquiTrace ticked all those boxes. EquiTrace works, that’s the beauty of it.”

EquiTrace is one of the many Irish tech companies that is leading the way in problem-solving in their industry using technology and innovation. Their solutions are being shared globally with the support and funding of Enterprise Ireland.

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