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Eppione launches Screenim.me platform to monitor employee health, maintain social distancing best practices

The Ireland-based software development company, Eppione Solutions Ltd., was created with a vision to help employers and employees leverage technology to best manage the day-to-day needs of HR operations, employee benefits, and business insurance.

By offering a list of features such as holiday and employee absence management, data analytics, global employment compliance, employee training, and development, as well as recruiting and hiring tools, the Eppione platform helps organizations of all sizes operate with efficiency and position themselves to attract and retain the best talent possible.

But now faced with the coronavirus pandemic, companies have had to dramatically change how they communicate and work with their employees. David Kindlon, the CEO and Co-Founder of Eppione, explains that the duty of care placed on employers continues to increase. Organizations must now perform most functions from a distance.  Keeping employees safe, healthy, and engaged are prime concerns. To help with these issues, Eppione has launched  Screenin.me a secure cloud platform to assist business managers, Risk & HR professionals prepare for the return to place of work in this daunting new work environment.

“First and foremost, the Screenin.me system helps protect employees and prevent Covid-19 exposure within a company,” said Kindlon. “The system helps businesses and other organizations  keep employee well-being top of mind and establishes collaborative norms for safer work environments.”

Screenin.me is a cloud-based Covid-19 screening tool built to provide HR, Occupational Health, Health & Safety, and business leaders, a proactive method to help prevent COVID-19 exposure in the workplace and accurately analyze how their employees are doing.

Designed from the Guidance on Returning to Work guidelines, Screenin.me creates digital accountability systems for employees to regularly assess their Covid Symptoms and for employers to standardize public health measures for the work environment. The system’s mobile web application provides a structured framework for organizations to record and measure illness markers and incorporate the information into actionable steps. Organizations can create their own unique question sets or utilize public health return to work template questions.

Screenin.me properly implements and automates an effective screening process that maintains employee confidentiality. Through the platform, employers can also maintain definitive records of screening to quickly produce records of the screening process and swiftly track responses to help limit exposure.

Through the system’s quick and confidential record import process, organizations can directly register all employees into the Screenin.me platform. Employees respond to daily screening prompts based on Safely Return to Work Protocol guidelines and receive confirmation messages of their submission. 

PASS and FAIL results are updated in real-time for clearance into buildings, adding extra layers of accountability. All employee screening test answers are time-stamped for accurate record keeping and can be quickly presented to meet local or state health reporting requirements. The highly confidential system maintains records for organizations to maintain insight into employee health, help prevent spread, and assist contract trace in cases of exposure.

“By monitoring employee health and eliminating physical contact points, we can preserve our social distance and help reduce the spread of this virus, but companies can go so much further with a range of web-based tools and new best practices,” added Kindlon. “As we get through this pandemic, and employees start returning to the workplace, we can even help companies automate their return to work protocols and best manage and track facility access. I greatly encourage organizations  to look into all that is currently available — we’re all in this together.”

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